SOLVED! The Fruit Of Grisaia Routes

SOLVED! The Fruit Of Grisaia Routes

Being the first trilogy of visual novels created by Japanese developer Front Wing, The Fruit Of Grisaia has an engrossing narrative and a complex cast of characters. Noteworthily, The Fruit Of Grisaia is enriched with various routes and the players can choose any combination of routes to go through. Hence, the novel provides players with different possible endings depending on the choices of players. Assuming that you have a firm grasp of The Fruit Of Grisaia routes, you could find all endings with relative ease.

What Are The Routes You Can Follow In The Fruit Of Grisaia?

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The best answer to this question is to experiment with the routes. As one route might be good according to a player but might not be according to the other player. But as you experiment with different routes and chapters associated with them the better you will be aware of which route suits you better.

But if you don’t want to undertake all that hustle then you may go with the route given below:

  • Sachi Route
  • Makina  Route
  • Yumiko Route
  • Michiru Route
  • Amane Route

Sachi Route

Sachi’s route will start with “The Girl Who Can’t Say No” which shows how obedient Sachi is as she accepts any request from anyone at any time. The next chapter is “Stress-Free“. In this chapter, your character Yuuji gets curious to know more about Sachi’s private life. This route continues with more chapters which are as follows:

  • 24-Hour Maid Surveillance
  • A “Date” Date
  • A Key Entrusted
  • Birth of a Ranger
  • Crazy Apple
  • Get Rid of the Test
  • The Scheme, Part 1
  • The Scheme, Part 2
  • The Scheme, Part 3
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl
  • Happiness
  • Honey-Sweet
  • I Don’t Dislike the Idea
  • Improvisation
  • Maidly Wiles
  • Nightmares
  • Persona
  • Recurrent Memory
  • Komine Sachi Aptitude Test 1
  • Komine Sachi Aptitude Test 2
  • Ripple in Still Water
  • Servicing the Maid
  • That Which Must be Killed
  • The Promise
  • The Usual Place
  • Twin Maids
  • We’re Home
  • White Ceiling

While after all these chapters this route ends with two possible endings one being the “Dazzling Playground” which is a good ending as Yuuji asks Sachi if she would like to stay with him her entire life and ends up playing swing shoe-throwing contest with Sachi and the other being the “Why?” which is a bad ending resulting in Sachi’s ironic death.

Makina Route

Makina’s route starts with the “Seed of the World Tree 01” chapter in which Yuuji plays the role of Makina’s father. This route mainly focuses upon Yuuji’s past. The other chapters of this route are shown below:

  • Seed of the World Tree 02
  • Seed of the World Tree 03
  • Seed of the World Tree 04
  • Seed of the World Tree 05
  • Seed of the World Tree 06
  • Seed of the World Tree 07
  • Seed of the World Tree 08
  • Seed of the World Tree 09
  • Seed of the World Tree 10
  • Seed of the World Tree 11
  • Seed of the World Tree 12
  • Delirious Fruit
  • Seed of the World Tree 13
  • Seed of the World Tree 14
  • Seed of the World Tree 15
  • Seed of the World Tree 16
  • Seed of the World Tree 17
  • Seed of the World Tree 18

Though the ending of this route has two chapters you can go through one being “What Waits for Beyond Darkness” which is supposedly a good ending in which Makina completes her job in one shot as predicted and has a happy life. The other is “Die Like a Dog” which is considered a bad ending as Makina ends up becoming mentally broken and thus unable to free herself from the suffering.

Yumiko Route

Among The Fruit Of Grisaia routes, the Yumiko one is more of a subtle type. While the first chapter “Raison d’Etre” is focused more on a plan concerning Yumiko. This route demonstrates how her friendship with Yuuji aids her in breaking free from the shell in which she finds herself. All the different chapters involved in this route are given as follows:

  • Bonds and Promises
  • Cross-Purposes
  • Uneasy Balance 1
  • Uneasy Balance 2
  • The Intruders
  • To the Ends of the Earth
  • Lost Days 1
  • Lost Days 2
  • Turkey Shoot

This route ends up with a normal ending if you choose the “The Road not Followed” chapter. However, you may find some more satisfying endings if you choose some other chapters like “L’oiseau bleu” or “Taking Back Tomorrow”.

Michiru Route

Michiru’s route mostly revolves around Michiru’s headspace and thus provides a very personal and introspective experience. The various chapters involved in this route are given below.

  • A Box to End the World
  • Breaking Beautiful
  • Broken Biscuit
  • Building Block
  • Capturing the Cat
  • End of the RPG
  • Greaseless Gears
  • Jellyfish Girl
  • Off-Balance
  • Overdose
  • Promise
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Scent of the Future
  • Skipping Pages
  • Stuck on You
  • The Destined Homecoming
  • The Empty Box
  • The Girl Who Tried Too Hard
  • The Other Girl
  • The Unending Tunnel
  • Vanishing Act
  • Vox in Box

Like any other route, it also consists of two types of endings. If you would choose “My Feelings” then you may find yourself a good ending but if you go through “Fool on the Hill” you may not be able to find that good ending.

Amane Route

Amane’s path is significantly more focused on Amane and Yuuji’s former relationship as it dwells on Amane and Yuuji’s growth as lovers. The following are the numerous chapters included in this route:

  • Light Woman? Heavy Woman?
  • Paper Tiger
  • The Girlfriend Enigma
  • Unripened Fruit
  • Angelic Howl (Day 1)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 2)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 3)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 4)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 5)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 6)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 7)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 8)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 9)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 10)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 11)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 12)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 13)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 14)
  • Angelic Howl (Day 15)
  • Angelic Howl (Day ??)
  • Cockroach Nest
  • Emissary from the Past
  • Yuuji ‘s Past, Amane’s Past

With two types of endings, it’s “The Eternal Punishment” chapter gives much more of a complete feeling among the end while the “In a Hill Where Small Flowers Bloom” chapter gives much more of an incomplete feeling towards the end.

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Which Route Should I Play First In The Fruit Of Grisaia?

When it comes to choosing between The Fruit Of Grisaia routes, it all depends upon you. All the routes take you in different scenarios leading the game as you go through it and making it a whole different experience for you. Since each player has his own opinion on how the game should be played, it’s best if you go with your own will as there is no right and wrong route to start with. Simply enjoy the game to the fullest.

How Long Is The Fruit Of Grisaia Common Route?

The Fruit Of Grisaia common route generally may take up to 12 hours to finish. However, it all depends upon how much time you give to each route.

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