SOLVED! The Detected Configuration Sonic Generations

SOLVED! The Detected Configuration Sonic Generations

Published in 2011, Sonic Generations is a platform game developed by Sega for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows. At the time of release, the game was regarded as a gem with critics and players giving it tons of compliments. However, there is one error that plagues the PC version of Sonic Generations: “The detected configuration does not match your current hardware”. Read to the end if you face the detected configuration Sonic Generations error and don’t know what must be done.

The Root Of The Problem

Overall, as you launch Sonic Generations, a Critical Error message that says “The detected configuration does not match your current hardware” may appear. The root cause behind the detected configuration Sonic Generations error remains inconclusive. Still, there is a chance that the error is the result of incompatibility between the resolution of the game and the monitor screen.

Actions To Take

Restart The Game

Once it comes to errors on computers, restart is the first fix to try. All you need to do is close the game, wait a bit and open it again. For good measure, feel free to restart your PC as well before launching the game. 

Check The Configuration Settings

Maybe the game’s settings are not updated to match your PC settings. Thus, head to the Steam Library and then select Configure instead of Play Sonic Generations. After that, set all the quality settings to match your PC specs. Remember to press the Save and Exit button at the bottom after completing everything. 

Give Graphics Card Some Thought 

If you have one graphic card on your PC, move on to the next solution. On the other hand, if your PC packs two graphic cards, the game might not run on the card you want to use. Keep running into the Sonic Generations error? Then take a look at your graphics card. 

  • Step 1: Open NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Center
  • Step 2: Head to the Manage 3D settings (NVIDIA) or 3D Application Settings (AMD)
  • Step 3: Choose Sonic Generations in Program Settings
  • Step 4: Set the preferred graphics processor to High-performance NVIDIA Processor (NVIDIA) or High performance (AMD)
  • Step 5: Apply the change, close the program and launch the game

Close Background Processes

In case you don’t know, background games, applications and activities could complicate the operation of Sonic Generations. Thus, if you come across errors while playing the game, scan through the background process via Task Manager. If you spot non-essential background games, applications and activities, don’t hesitate to shut them down. 

Delete The Configuration Files

To put it plainly, the configuration files of Sonic Generations dictate its performance. The nature of the files means if they experience issues, the detected configuration Sonic Generations error is a consequence. 

  • Step 1: Go to the Steam folder.
  • Step 2: Head to this path Steamapps/common/Sonic Generations.
  • Step 3: Delete all the config files (the ones ending with .cgf).
  • Step 4: Open the game, set the configuration again, and see how things turn out.

Update Steam

The Steam client might also be the thing that causes this problem. Therefore, you should check whether the Steam client is up-to-date or not. Additionally, it’s a good idea to run the client as an administrator when playing games too.

How Many Acts Does Sonic Generations Have?

In total, there are nine stages (all taken from the past Sonic games) in Sonic Generations and they are divided into two acts. The first act allows you to play as Classic Sonic while the second one is all about Modern Sonic.

How Long Is Sonic Generations?

If you just want to enjoy the main story, it should take about 6 hours to complete. In case you want to challenge yourself by completing the game 100%, you might have to spend 24 hours. 

Can I Play As Other Characters Such As Knuckles, Amy, Or Tails? 

Yes, you can control them only after clearing all stages in the classic act. Afterward, they are playable in Modern Sonic. 

Will Sonic Generations Get A Sequel?

The answer is yes and the sequel is named Sonic Generations 2: The 3 Sonic’s Adventure. The sequel was published in late 2021 for current-gen consoles. 

Can I Play Sonics Generations With My Controller?

Yes, it is possible to play the game by using a controller. You will probably need to download x360e, put it in the game folder and then configure the controller with that. 

Are There Any Mods Available For Sonic Generations?

The community has produced various mods for the game and you can use them to upgrade the graphics, change the looks of Sonics, and much more than that.

Advice For Beginners

  • To advance in Sonic Generations, you have to obtain keys by completing one challenge level in every mission. Each mission has a classic and a modern version and both are needed to accomplish. After that, you must acquire the key by completing any of the missions from each level (the doors above the level gates). 
  • While playing in Act 1, you do not have to rush because the more you survey the levels, the easier you can complete them. Generally speaking, higher paths are safer so we recommend getting on top as much as you can. 
  • In Act 2, it is a little harder to control your character than in Act 1 so you should take everything slowly. 
  • Saving the boost gauge for open areas or on rail sections is recommended in Act 2 because you can avoid going straight out of the map. 
  • If you need more rings, Classic Sonic can obtain them easier compared to Modern Sonics. 
  • In the final boss stage, whenever he seems to charge up the laser beam, you can completely dodge it if you switch Sonics. Moreover, if you have any unused Sonics, you can throw them on the boss’s projectiles so as to destroy them. 


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