SOLVED! Steam Link Says Computer Is Offline

SOLVED! Steam Link Says Computer Is Offline

Designed to enable the streaming of Steam contents from PC to monitors, Steam Link is a popular accessory among gamers. With Steam Link around, people could optimize the gaming experience by taking advantage of the visual and audio capabilities of their televisions. That being said, the use of Steam Link is not free of frustration and the offline error is a prime example. When Steam Link says computer is offline, it’s impossible to begin streaming which results in all sorts of annoyances.

Insights Into The Error 

Unable to start streaming with Steam Link as it keeps telling you that your computer is offline and you don’t know what to do next? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything you must know about the offline error of Steam Link including causes and solutions.

A List Of Possibilities 

Usually, the setup process of Steam Link is a straightforward affair that involves just a bit of time and effort. Nonetheless, if you notice Steam Link saying that your computer is offline, you should take the following suspects into account.


Overall, despite advances in technologies, electronics still act up out of the blue and Steam Link is not an exception. While hiccups on Steam Link tend to resolve by themselves eventually, some of them linger and disrupt a multitude of operations. Therefore, if your  Steam Link says computer is offline, it’s strongly recommended that you give hiccups some thought. On the bright side, if the offline error is the work of hiccups, there is no need to do much to get things back to normal.

Internet Connection

In layman’s terms, to support the streaming of Steam contents, Steam Link needs to connect to Steam servers. Because of that, Internet connection dictates how smooth the setup process of Steam Link proceeds. If you have a solid Internet connection, Steam Link would be able to connect to Steam servers with relative ease. On the other hand, if your Internet connection experiences issues, the offline error is a potential consequence.

Firewall Settings 

Generally speaking, Firewall plays a key role in protecting computers from unauthorized access. However, if you fail to configure its settings properly, Firewall could get in the way of operations including the setup process of Steam Link. There is nothing wrong with the Internet connection but the offline error persists? Then it’s widely advised that you keep Firewall settings in mind as you troubleshoot the offline error.

Steam Servers 

Similar to its contemporaries, Steam implements an assortment of measures to keep its servers online around the clock. Still, it’s worth pointing out that if Steam servers crash for some reason, services that depend on them inevitably go dark. Thus, once it comes to the offline error of Steam Link, Steam servers may be the ones responsible. In the case that the servers crash, you can’t do anything until Steam brings them back online.

Steam Link 

Well, Steam Link won’t get damaged easily but it’s not exactly indestructible by any stretch. If your Steam Link sustains damages that compromise its integrity, the setup process is going to run into serious problems. Assuming that you take appropriate action, you could return lightly damaged Steam Link to service. Nonetheless, if the damages prove extensive, you have no choice but to pick up a new Steam Link.

How To Fix The Offline Error 

Different errors require different fixes but if Steam Link says computer is offline, it’s suggested that you try out these solutions.


To put it plainly, restart is a simple fix but it’s able to take care of quite a few errors on electronics. That is why if you come across the offline while setting up Steam Link, perform a restart at the earliest opportunity. To be thorough, restart your computer as well as Steam Link. By doing so, you could get rid of all the hiccups that plague operations of Steam Link in one stroke.

Check Out The Internet Connection 

In the beginning, you should determine whether the router is in working order. Next, take a look at the connection status of your computer to see if it’s connected to the Internet. If you connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable, inspect the cable. Last but not least, get in touch with the service provider to ensure that there isn’t a service blackout in your area.

Reconfigure The Firewall Settings 

First, turn off the Firewall for the time being then set up Steam Link again. Afterward, if Steam Link shows that your computer is online, you could conclude that the Firewall settings must be reconfigured. Feel free to apply whatever changes necessary to allow Steam Link to connect to Steam servers. In most of the cases, all you have to do is to create an exception for Steam. That permits Steam Link to bypass the Firewall of your computer as it connects to the Steam servers.

Think About The Steam Servers 

If Steam servers crash, many of the Steam services should become unavailable which means there would be a flood of complaints from Steam users. As a result, you could assess the status of Steam servers by asking around the Internet. You also have the option of contacting the customer support of Steam to get more details when a need arises. Noteworthily, Steam rarely needs too long to take care of issues with its servers.

Assess The Condition Of Steam Link 

Disconnect Steam Link from your television, remove the cable and look for signs of damages on its exterior. If you notice dents, chips, cracks and so on, there is a chance that Steam Link is too damaged to detect your computer. To be able to stream Steam contents again, it’s best to send in your Steam Link for repair as soon as possible. Remember that if the repair expense is comparable to the price of a new Steam Link, don’t hesitate to grab a replacement.

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How Could I Minimize Lags While Streaming With Steam Link?

To keep lags to the minimum as you stream with Steam Link, you should connect Steam Link to your router using an Ethernet cable. Moreover, it’s wise to tweak the streaming setting of Steam Link if you experience excessive lags. By default, the streaming setting of Steam Link is Balanced and if you change it to Fast, performance is going to improve. Lastly, you need to consider checking all the Enable hardware encoding in Advanced Host Options of Steam.

Is Steam Link Remains Supported?

While Valve halts the production of new units, it still supports streaming via Steam Link. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, people could still put their Steam Link to good use.

What Is The Best Substitute For Steam Link?

If you don’t want to rely on Steam Link for streaming, its app counterpart would suit you well. Available on Play Store and Apple Store, the Steam Link app lets you stream Steam contents on a wide range of devices. With the Steam Link app, you could start streaming at any time which is a big plus. The Steam Link app eliminates the hassle of managing cables around the televisions as well.

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