SOLVED! Steam Link No Signal

SOLVED! Steam Link No Signal

All in all, Steam Link is a device developed by Valve and people can use it for all games on Steam. By taking advantage of Steam Link, gamers play stream games from PC to TV and all you need is a stable internet connection. However, like other pieces of hardware, Steam Link acts up from time to time. At the moment, many of the complaints regarding Steam Link share the same topic: Steam Link no signal

Steam Link No Signal: Why

Usually, to get Steam Link up and running, users need to connect it to display devices via a HDMI cable. Nonetheless, in a number of cases, the screen is black which means there is no signal. A lot of users as well as Steam believe that the root cause of the issue is the cable. Aside from that, resolution of display devices is one of the suspects too. 

What You Could Do

Unplug And Reglub 

If you suspect that the loss of signal is the result of hiccups, it is wise to unplug and replug Steam Link. Except the power cable, unplug all cables from Steam Link. Next, wait for about 30 seconds, replug the cables and see how things turn out. 

Replace The HDMI Cable

Once it comes to Steam Link no signal, the cable is responsible nine out of every ten times.  Thus, you should consider picking up a new HDMI cable. For good measure, pay attention as you assess market models to get something of quality. Moreover, it won’t hurt to prioritise thick cables 

Apply Changes To Resolution

In the beginning, the Steam Link boots up with a resolution of 480p but it will automatically switch to 1080p. Hence, to change the boot resolution, you need to get your hands on a USB thumb drive.

  • Step 1. Connect the drive to your computer, create a folder inside the drive and name it steamlink.
  • Step 2. Create a folder inside steamlink and name it config.
  • Step 3. Create a folder inside config and name it system.
  • Step 4. Launch Notepad, type in the resolution you want (720p, 1080i, etc), and save it in system as display_resolution.
  • Step 5: Connect the drive to Steam Link.
  • Step 6. Open the Steam Link. 

Note: if the resolution in system won’t work, feel free to use the following alternatives: 























Is Steam Link still in production?

Steam Link was discontinued in November 2018 but existing units still receive support from Valve. In exchange, Valve now provides the Steam Link app that works on a multitude of devices from smartphones to tablets.

Which one is superior, Nvidia Shield or Steam Link? 

Nvidia Shield will enable you to stream your games in 4K if you have a PC capable of rendering 4K HDR games and a solid network connection. On the other hand, Steam Link is limited to 1080p at 60 frames per second, which is still impressive considering you’re not in front of your PC.

Can Steam Link support HDR?

The Steam Link is unable to support HDR as well as 4K streaming. Although it is possible to render at 4k on the host, the streaming resolution is capped at 1080p. Therefore, if there is no other need for 4k TVs, they are not worth buying. 

Which controllers can Steam Link work with? 

According to the store page, Steam Link supports Steam Controller, Xbox One or 360 Wired Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, or keyboard and mouse. However, there are other devices that can work with Steam Link: racing wheels, flight sticks, generic gamepads and so on. 

Can the Steam Link improve the performance of games?

Generally speaking, Steam Link mirrors the PC screen which means that it streams content from computer to TV. That means Steam Link does not make the games run smoother. 

Using Steam Link: Instructions

  • Interference is one of the most common reasons for issues on wireless networks. If your PC tries to transmit data to your router at the same time as your router is sending data to your Steam Link, the two will come into conflict. That leads to a less than ideal experience.
  • The amount of bandwidth consumed for streaming is proportional to the streaming quality. Hence, by lowering the quality, you could reduce impacts on bandwidth.
  • Interference from other wireless networks, distance, and walls, floors, metal, and electrical equipment between your wireless router and the Steam Link all reduce the strength of the wireless signal. Moving your router to a better spot or putting your Steam Link in front of your TV may often make a significant difference. Also, make sure your computer and router are in open, well-ventilated areas, as overheating will limit their performance.
  • The volume of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) traffic sent in In-Home Streaming causes some wireless routers to have issues. To keep the number of issues down, make sure your router has the most recent firmware upgrades.
  • In advanced streaming options, you may tweak the resolution and bandwidth. If you like to fine-tune things, start with 3 Mbit/s and gradually raise the bandwidth until you start seeing hiccups. Bring up the Steam overlay with the guide button or Shift+Tab then navigate to the streaming settings page while your game is running for live tuning.

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