SOLVED! Steam Broadcast Loading Forever

SOLVED! Steam Broadcast Loading Forever

While it’s not one of the top streaming platforms nowadays, Steam Broadcast remains a solid choice for those that like to stream games on Steam. Via Steam Broadcast, people could stream Steam games anytime and anywhere as long as they have a Steam account. Still, despite its performance, Steam Broadcast experiences issues from time to time and the infinite loading screen is one of them. With Steam Broadcast loading forever, viewers would be unable to watch their streamers on schedule which creates a lot of frustration.

Breakdown Of The Infinite Loading Screen

You cannot pass through the Steam Broadcast loading screen and don’t know what to do? Then you may want to take a look at this article. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind about Steam Broadcast taking forever to load.

A List Of Possibilities 

In most of the cases, Steam Broadcast is going to bring streams online as soon as streamers launch their games. Still, if you get stuck at the loading screen, it’s suggested that you consider these suspects.


Usually, Steam as well as its features perform well in use but reports of bugs still pop up every now and then. A lot of bugs prove to be mere inconveniences that go away as time passes by but some cause long-lasting problems. Naturally, since Steam Broadcast is a part of Steam, its performance is vulnerable to all sorts of bugs. Therefore, if Steam Broadcast fails to load out of the blue, it’s a good idea to give bugs some thought.

Unstable Internet Connection 

To put it plainly, the stability of Internet connection dictates how smooth Steam Broadcast runs on your computer. If you have a solid connection to the Internet, you could watch streams on Steam Broadcast with zero interruptions. On the other hand, if your Internet connection is unstable, it’s not unusual to notice Steam Broadcast loading forever. Unless you take measures to restore the stability of your Internet connection, there is no way to catch the streams of your favorite streamers.

Corruption In The Cache 

In general, to access Steam on computers nowadays, people have two ways: Steam website and Steam client. Regardless of the way you choose, Steam is going to store a cache on your computer to accelerate various operations in the future. Needless to say, if the cache becomes corrupted, features of Steam would go haywire and Steam Broadcast is not an exception. That is why you should take cache corruption into account if you come across the infinite loading screen of Steam Broadcast.

Overreactive Antivirus Software  

All in all, while antivirus software mean well, they get in the way of computer tasks on occasions. In the case of Steam, it’s well-known that antivirus software could interfere with operations on Steam if people run them at the same time. Hence, if you cannot pass through the Steam Broadcast loading screen, your antivirus software may be at fault. Fortunately, if the infinite loading screen of Steam Broadcast is the work of your antivirus software, there is no need to do much.


Like other platforms, Steam receives periodic updates to keep up with changes in technology, fix bugs, optimize features and so on. You use Steam client to watch streams, play games, … and it’s been a long time since you last updated it? Then your version of Steam client is probably obsolete which leads to hiccups here and there. Things would return to normal when you bring the Steam client up to date.

How To Get Pass The Loading Screen: Instructions 

Steam Broadcast loading forever is by all accounts annoying but if you could resolve it by trying out the following fixes.

Exit, Restart And Relaunch 

In the beginning, move your mouse to the toolbar, select Steam and choose “Exit”. Next, save whatever you want to save on the screen then proceed to restart your computer. When your computer comes on, launch Steam, go to Community, click Broadcast and see the result. If the cause of the infinite loading screen happens to be bugs, Steam Broadcast should run normally now.

Check Out The Internet Connection  

In the case that you suspect internet connection to be responsible, it’s wise to assess the modem at the earliest opportunity. Your computer cannot maintain a stable connection to the Internet if the modem sustains damages. Besides that, if you connect your computer to the modem via an Ethernet cable, remember to examine the cable as well. Last but not least, get in touch with the service provider to ensure that your Internet connection is on.

Clear The Steam Cache 

Overall, when the cache of Steam becomes corrupted, clearing the cache is the best fix. To clear the cache, go to Steam, select Steam on the toolbar and click Settings. In the next step, choose Web Browser then click DELETE WEB BROWSER CACHE as well as DELETE ALL BROWSER COOKIES. By doing so, should be able to take care of the corruption in the Steam cache.

Note: To be thorough, you should delete the appcache folder of Steam on your computer too.

  • Step 1: Go to the C Drive, enter Program Files (×86) and open Steam
  • Step 2: Delete the appcache folder
  • Step 3: Check to see whether the loading issue of Steam Broadcast persists

Disable Antivirus Software 

Steam is a safe platform so there is no need to keep antivirus software on as you use Steam features. If Steam Broadcast acts up when the antivirus software of your computer is running, you should disable the software and see how things turn out. Assuming that Steam Broadcast performs normally afterward, you could conclude that your antivirus software is at fault. In the future, you may want to turn off the antivirus software of your computer before launching Steam.

Update Steam Client 

  • Step 1: Launch Steam client
  • Step 2: Click Steam on the toolbar then choose Check for Steam Client Updates
  • Step 3: If an update is available, allow the update process to run from start to finish

What Must Be Done Prevent Steam Broadcast Streams From Stuttering?

A wide range of issues could cause streams in Steam Broadcast to stutter. First, you should consider reducing the resolution of the stream to lessen the strain on your Internet connection. Second, it’s strongly recommended that you keep the graphics driver of your computer up-to-date for optimal viewing experiences. Third, don’t enable hardware acceleration unless you can’t help it.

Do I Have To Install Any Software To Use Steam Broadcast? 

Steam Broadcast is an integrated feature of Steam so you don’t need to install anything to use it. To stream on Steam Broadcast, you just need to set up the Broadcast settings, launch the game and that’s it. If your stream is online, you would be able to see the word “LIVE” and a red dot on the screen. Keep in mind that if you keep the Broadcast setting as enabled, Steam is going to broadcast whenever you launch a game.

Is It Possible To Save Replay On Steam Broadcast?

Unlike Twitch, Youtube and other platforms, Steam Broadcast is incapable of saving replays of streams. Because of that, you have to stick to streaming schedules to catch streams of particular streamers.,1)/steambroadcastnotworking-5c8ac53dc9e77c0001e11d12.jpg

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