SOLVED! Steam Achievements Not Unlocking

SOLVED! Steam Achievements Not Unlocking

Nowadays, when Steam users reach a certain milestone or complete a particular action in games, they receive achievements as rewards. In most of the cases, Steam achievements not only give people bragging rights but also serve as a source of motivation. Needless to say, Steam users usually feel frustrated if they fail to get achievements even after fulfilling the requirements. Read to the end if you notice Steam achievements not unlocking and don’t know what to do. 

Steam Achievements Won’t Unlock: Possibilities 

Once it comes to Steam achievements not unlocking, the cause varies from case to case. The usual suspects include unstable internet connection, incomplete requirements, third-party programs and mods. Fortunately, if you know what must be done, you should be able to unlock Steam achievements before long. 

How To Unlock Steam Achievements

Wait A Little Bit

Typically, the games will show unlocked achievements soon after you fulfill the requirements. That being said, achievement notifications may only surface after a few minutes, hours or even days. Hence, don’t lose patience and wait. 

Turn Off Offline Mode

For our information, achievements are still recorded offline and then synced when you are online. However, a number of games require Internet connection to be able to track the progress correctly. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn off the Steam offline mode via Go Online from the top toolbar. 

Check Out Achievement Guides

If you have a hard time unlocking Steam achievements, it is likely that you have yet to meet the conditions to unlock them. There are games providing a clear description of how to get an achievement while others do not. Additionally, hidden achievements that only appear when you unlock them exist as well. Because of that, it is wise to take a look at achievement guides to grasp the requirements. 

Restart Steam

Restarting when there is a problem is an old but gold solution. You will have to close the game then exit Steam. Next, you should open Steam again, relaunch the game and hope that triggers the achievement. 

Run As Administrator

  • Step 1: Head to the game folder
  • Step 2: Right-click on the .exe file
  • Step 3: Select Properties, go to Compatibility and check the checkbox next to Run this program as an administrator 
  • Step 4: Select Apply and choose OK
  • Step 5: Close everything, launch the game and see how things turn out. 

Think About Mods/Third-Party Programs

As you play games, mods and third-party programs could complicate processes including the unlock of achievements. Thus, regarding Steam achievements not unlocking, it is a good idea to close the game, exhaust Steam and disable all mods as well as third-party programs. Lastly, launch the game and determine whether the issue persists. 

Hardest Steam Achievements To Unlock: Compilation 

Resident Evil Village – Knives Out

Resident Evil Village is the most completed game of 2021 but only 3.6 percent of the players managed to accomplish the ultimate challenge, the Knives Out achievement. As the name suggests,  Knives Out requires the players to complete the game using only a knife which is almost impossible. To unlock that achievement, you may want to reduce the difficulty level and win every fight with melee weapons. Keep in mind that firearms can still be used on environmental objects as long as they do not inflict damages on enemies. 

Cooking Simulator VR – Don’t Stop Me Now

The achievement is ridiculously easy to get but only 3.7 percent of Cooking Simulator VR have managed to get that. The stop-and-go gameplay is the reason why since the achievement only requires the players to stop moving for thirty seconds. Therefore, if you want to get this achievement, launch the game and stay in the kitchen till the achievement notification pop-ups. 

Deathloop – The Spice Of Life

Deathloop is famous for its violence with various methods to kill the enemies and die as well. The Spice Of Life requires the players to have their character, Colt, killed in every possible way. Luckily, the developer has given a checklist of what you will need to do to get The Spice Of Life achievement. 

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – This Is What We Do

Unlock This Is What We Do is no walk in the park because it will only be yours when you have completed all other achievements. That means in order to unlock This Is What We Do achievement, you also have to first finish Fashion Passion which involves collecting every outfit and equipping each at least once. 

Farming Simulator 2022 – It’s Never Too Late To Farm

Although this achievement is easy to get, the tricky part is the way to do it. In fact, you will just need to sit back and relax literally. Unlocking It’s Never Too Late To Farm achievement requires loading a save file that has not been played for 1 year in real-time. There is a trick to obtain the achievement though: set Steam to offline mode, change the PC’s date ahead one year and load the save file.

Can Steam achievements be sold? 

No, Steam achievements are not to trade. They are intended to let the players show what they have achieved in a game. 

Who is currently having the most Steam achievements? 

A user with the name Xeinok is leading the chart in terms of hunting Steam achievements. Specifically, this player has obtained over 8000 achievements and he also got 100% completion in more than 200 games. 

Are Steam achievements hackable? 

The answer is yes but it is not recommended to do so. If you are caught cheating Steam achievements by the game developers, a VAC ban is waiting for you. 

Is it possible to delete my Steam achievements? 

Yes, but it cannot be done without the help of SAM. Using SAM does not lead to VAC ban, so you should not worry about that. 

How can I view my Steam achievements on the Steam deck?

On the game page, you need to scroll down until the button Your Stuff appears. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the page which lists all of your achievements for a specific game. 


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