SOLVED! Starpoint Gemini Warlords Warmasters

SOLVED! Starpoint Gemini Warlords Warmasters

Considering the role Warmasters play in Starpoint Gemini Warlords, it won’t hurt to keep an eye out for Warmasters to recruit. Over the course of the game as well as the DLC, people could enlist the service of five Warmasters. However, if players don’t know what must be done, they would have a hard time getting all of the Warmasters in a single playthrough. Read to the end if you like to learn more about Starpoint Gemini Warlords Warmasters.

How To Recruit Starpoint Gemini Warlords Warmasters

For most of the time, players should be able to pick up the first two Warmasters with relative ease but after that, recruitment gets a bit difficult. Fortunately, if you keep the following information in mind, you could find all five Warmasters at your leisure.

Tara Higgs

Tara Higgs is the first Warmaster you come across in the game. She is a high-ranking officer and commander of SS Sirene. Soon after you start playing Starpoint Gemini Warlords, you will be introduced to Tara so there is no need to do anything to recruit her.

Once you get the first Warmaster, you must take u[ missions and engage in battles to reach the following Warmaster. The first mission involves getting SCS Icarius, Solari’s first-ever battleship out for a test. The first battle follows as you test the ship, which you must defend and use in the next battles.


Nyca is the second Warmaster in the game and like Tara, it takes little work to pick her up. You should be able to locate Nyca in Concordia once you reach level 5.

After completing the spy mission (“Spy Hard”), “Retaliatory Strike” will be generated. You will be prompted to upgrade your ship to at least a Cruiser at that point. Afterward, you can recruit Nyca as soon as you return to Concordia HQ.

Upon docking back to Concordia HQ, recruit Nyca and use the “mission ship” to leave the station. Remember, if you switch to a Dreadnaught then leave the station after recruiting Nyca, you might have trouble locating her on the map.


All in all, Anders requires more effort to recruit compared to the two first Warmasters. To get Anders, you need to win the Gladiatrix. You can find Gladiatrix in Phaehana between Phaeneros and the Headquarters of Concordia. For your information, the galaxy consists of several arenas and different areas have different criteria that ships must follow to enter.

To be in the best position to win the Gladiatrix, pay attention to preparation. Get yourself a Frigate then outfit it with the best Severance III weapons, shields and enhancements you can find. Aside from that, you can also consider stocking up on damage boosters and shields.

When everything is to your liking, talk to the Arena Quartermaster to enter the Gladiatrix. The Quartermaster is located near the Automated Repair Facility. Using your ship, kill all enemies and Anders will be yours once you win.


Maxton is the fourth Warmaster you will find in the Starpoint Gemini Warlords. This Warmaster is available on the planet Baeldor and to get him, you need to visit the planet. Get to the Spire station, talk to Maxton and he should let you know his eagerness to join you. Nonetheless, Maxton will only join you if you have a ship for him.

To get a ship for Maxton, get to Concordia and use the build ships menu to make him a ship. The moment the ship is ready, you will find him ready to follow you for the rest of the game.


The last Warmasters of the Starpoint Gemini Warlords and the toughest to recruit is Steiger. To get Steiger, you have to kill the Deadly Dozen leader. Deadly Dozen is prominent for its acts of abolishing the local law and extreme violence. They are also well hidden, trained, and spread in terror cells in Gemini. Thus, the recruitment of Steiger boils down to one issue: how to kill the Deadly Dozen leader with all his army.

In the beginning, make sure you have Deadly Dozen DLC. Next, look at the bounties list in the Menu to see the location of Deadly Dozen wingmen. You will have to take care of all the wingmen before they reveal their boss’s position. It’s a good idea to use the opportunity to capture the three unique ships and test them out. The Perun is the hardest ship to capture as the leader of Deadly Dozen flies it.

Assuming that you manage to take down the boss, Steiger is going to be waiting for you back in HQ.

How Do I Get Money In This Game?

You can get money from boarding ships and lucrative freelance missions. For instance, you can focus on Freightliners as it takes less work to capture them than Battleships. A Freightliner sells for around 4.5 million compared to a battleship’s price of 3 million. Cargo ships are also juicy targets that you should keep an eye out for. In any case, when you gain control of the ships, sell them immediately instead of sending them to the garage.

Rewarding freelance missions include Warmaster, Defence Assaults, Station Assault and Installation.

Can I Revive A Warmaster If He/She Gets Killed?

It’s not uncommon for ships of your Warmasters to actively take part in battles and get blown up. The loss of Warmasters naturally makes it difficult to manage fleets in upcoming missions.

If you lose one of your Warmasters ships, you can pause the starchart and rebuild that ship. Go back to the headquarters and rebuild the ship using the same Menu that lets you build ships. Note that you will need credits to rebuild them rather than your resources. As soon as the rebuilding wraps up, you should regain the service of your Warmaster.

Lessons For New Players

  • You can always get information about your Warmasters from the info panel. You can also hold conversations with your Warmasters and get to know them.
  • To increase your fleet power, credits, materials, and XP, opt for boarding actions during combat, pacify the crew and sell the ships.
  • An asteroid belt might be the best location to pick up NPCs with ships that have similar capabilities as yours. Enemies seldom venture to asteroid belts so no worry.


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