SOLVED! Stag Lord’s Broken Charm

SOLVED! Stag Lord’s Broken Charm

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a CRPG featuring elements of kingdom management which result in unique gameplay, story and difficulty. With the average playthrough lasting well over 80 hours, the game offers an immersive experience into a medieval-themed world that contains a lot of things to explore. During their adventure, players could pick up all sorts of items and some of them don’t have clear use. One prime example is Stag Lord’s Broken Charm.

Stag Lord’s Broken Charm: Compilation  

In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Stag Lord’s Broken Charm is dropped by the Stag Lord once your party manages to defeat him. Based on the description, the charm is broken and covered in blood. Also, it seems that there used to be something inside of the charm but it is gone now. 

As you battle Stag Lord, it’s a good idea to isolate sword-shield bandits by using your tank characters. Additionally, the Priestess is able to heal and buff so you want to eliminate her as soon as possible via ranged attacks and spells. Next, throw everything you have at Stag Lord and archers even if you have to use debilitations like Hold Person or Blind. In the case that Auchs and Rovan still stick around, they will be your main targets before the Stag Lord. 

If you notice remaining squads rushing to aid the Stag Lord, it’s strongly recommended that you single out Alchemist for elimination. Following the death of every named enemy, all you have to do left is to help Akiros/Kressle clear the melee bandits.  

Note: Prior to the fight, you can make things easier by destroying the supplies, pacifying the troops, and sneaking in for an ambush. Some of the skills that you should pay attention to include Athletics, Mobility, Stealth, Trickery, Knowledge Arcana, Knowledge World, Lore Nature, Lore Religion, Persuasion and Use Magic Device. If you like to play it safe, feel free to save before using the skills. 

The Story Behind Stag Lord’s Broken Charm

In layman’s terms, there is no practical use for Stag Lord’s Broken Charm. Still, the story behind the item is interesting. However, if you have yet to complete the game, the next section contains spoilers so keep that in mind. 

Originally, the charm was given to Stag Lord by your nymph instructor in the first part of the campaign. That nymph eventually turns out to be one of the main antagonists of the game. Her name is Nyrissa and she is developing a cure for the curse placed upon her by Eldest, the oldest and most powerful creature ruling the First World. Because of her actions, she is your enemy prior to Act 2 and also acts as the main cause of all the problems in Act 3. 


Nyrissa is a mighty nymph from the First World’s fey realm that was obsessed with one of the Eldest, the realm’s rulers. Nyrissa rose through the ranks of the Eldest, attaining the title of Nymph Queen and declaring herself a new member but that was opposed by the existing Eldest.

As a result, a Jabberwock was sent to eliminate Nyrissa but she managed to escape the attack. Despite that, she still had to accept other punishments as her Eldest lover was exiled to the Plane of Shadow. On a side note, Count Ranalc is the only known Eldest to have been exiled there but there is no indication that he was Nyrissa’s lover. 

Anyway, since Nyrissa wants to get her lover back, she has been working on a plan for a long time. To be precise, the nymph wanted to bring the part of the Material Plane that is coterminous with her fey realm of Thousandbreaths into the First World. The reason behind that is to placate the Eldest. The action resulted in dire implications for the material lands that form the River Kingdoms. 

Interactions With The Nymph

In the game, it is possible to start a relationship with Nyrissa but you can still fight her. After the battle, you can give her the “item” as the outcome will be the same as you handled the situation peacefully. The key difference here is the huge experience benefit obtained from fighting Nyrissa. 

Which studio was behind the development of Pathfinder: Kingmaker?

Owlcat Games was responsible for the development of Pathfinder: Kingmaker while Deep Silver published it.

How does Pathfinder: Kingmaker combat system work?

The combat mechanism of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is real-time, but if you are into turn-based combat then there is a fanmade mod allowing you to do so. 

Does Pathfinder: Kingmaker have DLCs?

Yes, there are a total of 4 DLCs for Pathfinder: Kingmaker and each of them adds new contents to the base game. 

What is the maximum number of companions in the game?

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has a total of twelve companions. The game allows having up to six individuals in your party at any given moment, including the protagonist. Companions have distinct personalities and attitudes as well as separate character development routes.

Is it possible to revive Linzi? 

Most of the companions in Pathfinder: Kingmaker can be revived and come back to the party. It is impossible to do so with Linzi though because her story will lead her to death regardless of your actions. 

How does Pathfinder: Kingmaker fare against its predecessor?

Pathfinder: Kingmaker not only has a superior technical state to Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous but also offers much more material to explore. One prime example is the design of rogue-like dungeon levels where players may experiment with different party compositions and strategies.

Can I play as a Tiefling?

The base game does not enable players to choose Tiefling. That being said, the Wildcards DLC can definitely satisfy your desire of playing as a Tiefling. 

Can I play Pathfinder: Kingmaker in multiplayer mode?

According to Owlcat, the developer of Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the studio does not consider developing a multiplayer system in the future. There is even less hope since the sequel of Pathfinder: Kingmaker was released. 


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