SOLVED! SMITE Ultimate God Pack Not Working Steam

SOLVED! SMITE Ultimate God Pack Not Working Steam

If you like MOBA games but the top-down view seems too boring, you would come to like SMITE. The game places people in the third-person view and lets them enter combat with all of its thrills. Also, gamers could pick up packs like Ultimate God to unlock characters in a blink of an eye. It’s worth pointing out that complaints about the SMITE Ultimate God pack not working Steam still pop up every now and then.

SMITE Ultimate God Pack Won’t Work: Troubleshooting


Restarting Steam might help as it gives the platform some time to recognize the Ultimate God Pack. You only need to close Steam, reopen it and launch the game.

Run Steam As an Administrator

  • Step 1: Locate the Steam folder and right-click on the .exe file
  • Step 2: Choose Properties and go to Compatibility
  • Step 3: Tick on Run this program as an administrator
  • Step 4: Apply and launch Steam
  • Step 5: Open SMITE
  • Step 6: Make sure that you are logging into the right SMITE account
  • Step 7: Select Yes if you see dialog box asking about applying the Ultimate God pack to the account

*Note: in case this solution does not work, you should consider restarting the computer and going through the process again.

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

  • Step 1: Uncheck the DLC option in your Steam library
  • Step 2: Right-click on the game in the Steam library
  • Step 2: Select Properties and head to Local Files
  • Step 3: Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Step 4: Check the DLC option
  • Step 5: Open the launcher of SMITE and log into your Hi-Rez account
  • Step 6: Skip the two intro splash screens quickly by clicking
  • Step 7: Click Yes on the popup as fast as possible
  • Step 8: Check if the Ultimate God pack has appeared or not

Write A Support Ticket To The Developers

This might be the best way once it comes to SMITE Ultimate God Pack not working Steam. It is required that players have all the proofs to show that they have purchased the DLC. However, since the support team of Hi-Rez is relatively small, players might have to wait long before receiving the item as the packs will be applied manually to a large number of buyers. .

What Might Have Gone Wrong 

Overall, SMITE Ultimate God Pack not working Steam is usually reported during sales periods with a lot of requests swallowing servers. Thus, when Ultimate God Pack won’t work, poor communication between Steam and SMITE is responsible. On the bright side, if you know what must be done, you could eventually get the most out of the SMITE Ultimate God Pack.

The Ultimate God Pack In SMITE: Compilation

By purchasing this pack, you will get all the playable characters unlocked that are currently amounting to 121 gods divided into 16 pantheons. Additionally, future characters are automatically open without any further costs. This pack also gives you a refund of Favor for the previously purchased gods, thus allowing you to invest the currency in other areas. 

Can children play SMITE? 

Absolutely not since the game still contains blood and partial nudity that might affect underage players.

How long does a SMITE match take? 

Like other MOBA games such as League of Legends or DOTA, one SMITE match last for 30 minutes on average. 

What must be done to unlock Gods in SMITE? 

You can unlock Gods in SMITE by playing or paying an in-game currency called Favor. The Ultimate God Pack is a solid choice if you have money to spend and do not want to grind. 

Is SMITE available offline? 

No, the servers must be used to store and process data, so playing online is compulsory. 

Does SMITE support PvE as well as PvP? 

SMITE’s main focus is on PvP that splits 10 players into 2 teams and throws them into the battlefield. However, if players want to enjoy PvE, there is a dungeon mode developed for that. 

Is SMITE available on mobiles? 

Yes, Hi-Rez Studios has introduced a free-to-play game named SMITE Blitz on iOS and Android. However, SMITE Blitz is considered to be a spin-off of SMITE so players cannot have the same experience as the PC version. 

What are the roles in SMITE? 

Like other MOBA games, SMITE also assigns specific roles for each of the gods. To be precise, there are a total of 5 roles: Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage and Warrior. 

Which mages are the best in SMITE? 

The first place is of course The Morrigan and it is followed by Agni. Other powerful gods are Ah Puch, Kulkulkan, Poseidon and Hera. 

Who is the best SMITE player? 

The GOAT in SMITE is John Salter whose in-game name is BaRRaCCuDDa. Meanwhile, the second place is taken by Rosario Villardi also known as JeffHindla. In the third place, Andrew Woodward or Andinster is the player standing there. 


  • SMITE is not a game in which a one-man army can win. Therefore, if you find yourself facing two or three enemies, proceed to retreat or stick to the nearest turret.
  • Similar to other MOBA games, wards play a key role in SMITE. By taking advantage of wards, you can avoid being caught off guard by the enemies. Moreover, wards also allow your teams to ambush unsuspecting foes. 
  • If you see your teammate fighting in 1v1, you should join the fight at the easiest opportunity and turn it into 2v1. Many gods have the ability to slow or stun the enemies, thus leading to a kill or assist. 
  • Jungler is unarguably the hardest role to master in SMITE because it requires you to both farm and support teammates. To be a successful jungler, you should work on your timing, cooperating, movement prediction, gank counters, objective control, etc. 
  • Jungle Practice is the perfect place for players to try gods before buying them. In Jungle Practice, you can try fighting god bots, minions and jungle monsters then determine whether a specific god fits your playstyle. 

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