SOLVED! Skyrim Stutter When Moving: A Summary

SOLVED! Skyrim Stutter When Moving: A Summary

Overall, despite being a critically acclaimed game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim contains quite a few issues that prevent people from enjoying themselves to the fullest. Among the things that impair the gaming experience of Skyrim players nowadays, stuttering is one of the most annoying ones. Even for those with infinite patience, it’s frustrating to see the game stuttering every time the Dragonborn makes a move. Needless to say, Skyrim stutter when moving is a topic that attracts special attention from Skyrim players around the globe.

How To Troubleshoot Stuttering In Skyrim 

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You notice multiple instances of stuttering while playing Skyrim but don’t know what must be done? Then this article is exactly what you need. Down below is everything that you should keep in mind about stuttering in Skyrim.

The Usual Suspects 

Different issues have different causes but if Skyrim stutters whenever you move your character, it’s strongly recommended that you consider the following possibilities.


As it suffers from all sorts of bugs that never get fixed, Skyrim runs into hiccups from time to time. The moment the game acts up, one of the operations that may go haywire is the rendering of graphics. Hence, in the case that Skyrim stutters every time you move, you need to take hiccups into account. On the bright side, if the stuttering is the result of hiccups, there is no need to do much to fix it.


Nowadays, Skyrim players could tweak the settings here and there to customize aspects of gameplay. If you match the settings of Skyrim to the capability of your computer, the game should run smoothly for most of the time. On the other hand, if you overestimate the limit of your computer and set the settings too high, the game is going to stutter. Unless you revise the settings at once, the stuttering would tail your character throughout the game.


To put it plainly, mods improve the gaming experience of players but they create a number of troubles as well. For example, if you load too many mods simultaneously, your computer may have a hard time rendering the graphics. When mods drag your computer down and prevent it from rendering graphics quick enough, stuttering is one of the outcomes. Needless to say, mods appear in a lot of articles that talk about Skyrim stutter when moving.


In general, similar to other games, Skyrim would only run like designed if the computer allocates adequate resources to it. In the case that programs on your computer compete with the game for resources, it can stutter when the Dragonborn moves around. You tend to leave a bunch of programs open as you explore the world of Skyrim? Then it’s widely advised that you give resources some thought while troubleshooting the stuttering.


All in all, people don’t need to invest in a monster rig to play Skyrim. That being said, it’s unrealistic to expect the game to run smoothly on potato computers. Hence, if you notice Skyrim stuttering every time you move in the game, the hardware of your computer may be responsible. Depending on the extent, issues with the hardware could require a bit of time and money to solve.

Dealing With The Stuttering: Proposals 

During discussions about Skyrim stutter when moving, players put forward quite a few fixes to force the game to run smoothly. Still, if you prioritize the odds of success, it’s suggested that you try out these solutions.

Save, Exit And Relaunch 

If Skyrim starts stuttering out of the blue, it’s a good idea to save your progress then exit the game. Next, you have to relaunch Skyrim while keeping an eye on how it runs. Usually, hiccups in Skyrim go away the moment you start a new gaming session which puts an end to the stuttering. Feel free to restart your computer as well to be thorough.

Apply Changes To Settings 

Skyrim players from novices to veterans wish to run the game on the highest settings for optimal visual enjoyment. Nonetheless, if your game keeps stuttering, it’s highly likely that you need to scale down the settings. Some of the settings that you should consider changing include Shadow Quality, Shadow Distance, Godrays Quality, Object Detail Fade, Ambient Occlusion and so on. In addition to that, it’s wise to use a third-party VSync instead of using the built-in one.

Uninstall A Couple Of Mods 

It’s ok to run Skyrim with mods but as the number of mods increases, the risk of stuttering rises. Hence, if the game stutters when you attempt to run a zillion mods at the same time, it’s prudent to get rid of some mods. It’s noteworthy that as you uninstall mods, you must focus on those that modify the visual aspect of the game. In any case, after the uninstallation of mods, launch Skyrim and see whether the stuttering remains.

Close Everything Beside The Game 

To ensure that Skyrim receives the resources it requires, go to the computer screen, shut down all running programs and return to the game. For ease of convenience, you should use Task Manager to close the programs.

  • Step 1: Open Task Manager (shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  • Step 2: Shut down everything you see under the Processes tab aside from Skyrim
  • Step 3: Go back to the game to see the result

By allocating extra resources for Skyrim, you would be able to prevent the game from stuttering as you play. In the future, you may want to set Skyrim as a priority so your computer delivers resources to it first.

Check Out The Computer Hardware 

In the beginning, compare the hardware of your computer to the requirements of Skyrim. You have no choice but to upgrade the hardware if your computer is too weak to run Skyrim in its current state. In the case that your computer meets/exceeds the requirements, you need to inspect the setup. Owning the best hardware for gaming means little if you mess up the installation.

Getting The Most Out Of Skyrim: Suggestions

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Stuttering is only one of many headaches that Skyrim players have to face while playing the game. However, you can improve your experience with Skyrim if you implement the measures down below.

  • Keep an eye out for updates: For your information, Bethesda usually includes fixes for bugs in each of the Skyrim updates. Because of that, you should do whatever it takes to keep your version of Skyrim up-to-date.
  • Think about using unofficial patches: The successive patches released by Bethesda address all sorts of bugs in Skyrim but the stability of the game remains less than ideal. If you like to have a good time playing Skyrim, you should download and install unofficial patches.
  • Save, save and save: Regardless of how many precautions players take, Skyrim could still crash at the drop of a hat. Therefore, to avoid losing hours of progress, it’s a good idea to save as often as possible.






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