SOLVED! Skyrim Enemies Not Hostile

SOLVED! Skyrim Enemies Not Hostile

Generally speaking, combat is one of the best aspects of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it could keep people entertained for hours. The enemies that players encounter in Skyrim also vary from wild animals to legendary creatures plus supernatural beings. In addition, via mods, Skyrim players can customize combat to their liking. However, like everything else, combat in Skyrim is known for being buggy and Skyrim enemies not hostile is a prime example. 

Skyrim Enemies Not Hostile: Overview

Reports of enemies telling players not to attack them despite being hit time again appear from time to time. Multiple theories have been devised but the community is at odds about the cause. On the bright side, once it comes to Skyrim enemies not hostile, a couple of solutions exist. 

What Must Be Done


If the enemies keep staring at you instead of attacking, you should consider reloading the game at the earliest opportunity. All you have to do is to exit Skyrim, wait for a moment and launch it again. 

Take Advantage Of The Console 

Have a hard time getting enemies to become hostile? Then there is a good chance that an AI bug is responsible. In Skyrim, there is a console command that can switch the status of AI combat. If you notice Skyrim enemies not hostile, you may want to give the tcai console command a go to toggle the AI aggression. 

Think About The Mods

The reason why Skyrim enemies adopt a passive attitude might be the presence of mods. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you check out the mod list and uninstall some of the mods. After you finish, you should use LOOT (Load Order Optimisation Tool) to sort and clean the mod. Of course, it is essential to keep an eye out for duplicated mods. 

Strongest Enemies In Skyrim: Compilation 

Dragon Priest

There is nothing that can prevent the Dragon Priest from taking the position as the toughest enemy in Skyrim. Players will have to face the Dragon Priest once they enter its Nordic ruins. Dragon Priest has unique spells and skills along with the ability to move fast around the battlefield which makes ranged and close combat challenging. However, once players manage to defeat it, they can collect a mask that gives superb combat bonuses. 


The second place is occupied by Karstaag, a ghostly frost giant with roughly 4000 HP and insanely high damage output. Moreover, this creature has a great regeneration ability as well as some powerful spells like summoning Ice Wraiths and blizzards. Upon defeat, the players can then summon this monster to aid three times in the future. 


Following  Dragon Priest and Karstaag is Miraak in the third position. Similar to the Dragon priest, Miraak possesses shock spells, instant healing and a sword that deals stamina damage. Moreover, Miraak is capable of scaling up to level 150 or sacrificing one of his dragons to fully restore his health in the middle of combat. Also, Dragon Shouts can’t do a thing to Miraak as he is highly resistant to it and players should try to avoid his Shouts. 

Honorable Mentions

Ebony Warrior is another hard enemy that could give players a hard time. This character shows up to seek a duel when players reach level 80. High combat skills, Unrelenting Force and a vitality-draining sword are what make Ebony Warrior so hard to fight. Additionally, he is smart enough to restore health regularly as well as eager to hit the players with paralysis strikes from the bow. 

Even though the dragons play an important part in the lore of Skyrim, they are easy to kill because of repetitive behaviours and movement. But, the Legendary Dragon should still be included in the leaderboard as the fifth strongest foe thanks to the high damage output and tons of health. Its Drain Vitality shouts and Frost or Fire breathe (based on the element) are also quite annoying in battles. 

After the Legendary Dragon, the Forgemaster which protects the Aetherium Forge will make the players struggle. The Forgemaster is not only large but it is also a highly-skilled warrior with the ability to breathe fire. This foe is also really tanky because of its resistance to all damage. This does not mean that the Forgemaster is invulnerable, frost spells can still do the job quite well. 

Another master on this list is the Nightmaster Vampire. The power of the Nightmaster Vampire does not come from its physical damage since the weapon is relatively weak. In fact, it is a powerful spellcaster as the abilities vary greatly. The signature skill of the Nightmaster Vampire is reanimating surrounding corpses and turning them into allies. 

Draugr might be a boring enemy throughout the game, but the Draugr Death Overlord is on a different level. This enemy is a master of close-range combat, but it is not only limited to melee range. The Draugr Death Overlord can use Dragon Shouts and the Disarm shout is very frustrating for players relying on a set weapon because they have to go around the room looking for the sword while constantly being chased by the Draugr Death Overlord. 

Things You Should Know

  • Fighting with the dragons in Skyrim is an epic experience but it will be less enjoyable if the dragons keep flying around. Therefore, you should engage dragons in an open, clear area.
  • Valuable items cannot be stolen easily because many people are watching them. Thus, it is wise to move the item to a secluded spot and then make a swift theft.
  • Clues to certain puzzles can be found in the items in your inventory. Skyrim does not allow checking the 3D model of an item for no reason. 
  • The stealth system in Skyrim is overpowered as it allows completing various missions without putting the players in harm’s way. 
  • Players can get married in Skyrim if they want but the process might take some time. The first thing to do is to go to the Temple of Mara located in Riften and then talk with priest Maramal. After a short chat, players can ask how to marry someone and Maramal will reveal the details. Afterward, an Amulet of Mara will be given to the players as this item enables players to approach a character with a positive attitude to ask for marriage. Even though the Amulet of Mara can be acquired in other places, talking with Maramal is a must to marry. 


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