SOLVED! Skyrim Crashes On Startup No Mods

SOLVED! Skyrim Crashes On Startup No Mods

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge among the gaming community that the stability of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is “less than ideal”. On occasions, all it takes to make Skyrim crash is the installation of mods which is why a lot of players stick to vanilla gameplay. That being said, even in the absence of mods, Skyrim could still crash and one of the most common crashing points is the startup screen. During discussions about Skyrim crashes on startup no mods, different players come up with different theories but none prove comprehensive.

Breakdown Of Skyrim Crashes

You don’t play with mods yet Skyrim keeps crashing at the startup screen and you have no idea why? Then this article may be able to help you out. Down below is everything you must know about Skyrim crashing on startup with no mod installed.

Why Skyrim Crashes On Startup

Mods could cause Skyrim to crash but if the game crashes without mods, it’s strongly recommended that you give these possibilities some thought.


As mentioned above, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not exactly a well-polished game and it acts up from time to time. In a number of cases, Skyrim hiccups only affect certain gameplay aspects such as graphics, sound and so on. However, it’s worth pointing out that hiccups on Skyrim sometimes crash the game out of the blue. Hence, if you notice Skyrim crashing at the startup screen while you have no mod, you should add hiccups to your list of suspects.


Following a flood of complaints from players, Bethesda decided to release updates for Skyrim to patch bugs. By keeping Skyrim up-to-date, you would be able to avoid all sorts of crashes as you play the game. On the other hand, if you neglect updates, your version of Skyrim is going to become obsolete and that results in countless problems including crashes. Fortunately, if obsolescence is responsible for the crashing, you don’t have to do much to bring things back to normal.


For your information, the files of Skyrim won’t become corrupted unless you mess around with them intentionally. Nonetheless, certain programs on your computer could modify Skyrim files on their own initiative and create a host of troubles. To get Skyrim to launch smoothly, it’s essential to restore its files to the original state at once. The difficulty of the restoration process varies depending on the extent of the corruption.

Graphics Card Driver

You believe that nothing is out of the ordinary with Skyrim but it still crashes on startup? Then you should think about the graphics card of your computer, especially its driver. In the case that the driver experiences issues, Skyrim won’t run properly and crashing is inevitable by all accounts. As long as the situation remains unresolved, the crashing would persist.

Antivirus Software 

All in all, antivirus software play a key role in protecting computers from threats but they may react excessively at times. Since Skyrim executes a wide range of operations, it’s vulnerable to overzealous reactions of antivirus software. If the antivirus software of your computer blocks just a single operation of Skyrim by mistake, the game is going to crash. Needless to say, antivirus software pop up every now and then in articles that cover Skyrim crashes on startup no mods.

Getting Skyrim To Launch Correctly

Generally speaking, it’s annoying to run into crashes when you want to play Skyrim. Still, you should be able to get through crashes if you try out the following fixes.


Once it comes to Skyrim crashing at the startup screen, restart is the first thing that you must do. Save what you need to save on your computer then proceed to restart your computer. The moment the screen turns back on, launch Skyrim and see how things turn out. Usually, hiccups on Skyrim would go away after a restart which restores performance of the game.


If your version of Skyrim is kind of old, you should update it as soon as possible. By updating, you could play with the latest patches of the game and keep the number of crashes to the minimum. For good measures, it’s suggested that you download updates for Skyrim from credible sites. If you play Skyrim on Steam, feel free to update it directly on the platform.

Get Rid Of Corrupted Files 

Suspect that the crashing is the work of corrupted files? In that case, you have to take care of the corruption. One way to remove corrupted files is to uninstall and reinstall Skyrim. Besides that, if your version of Skyrim is on Steam, you may want to verify the integrity of game files.

Here is how to verify the integrity of game files:

  • Step 1: Launch Steam, go to Library and right-click Skyrim
  • Step 2: Select Properties from the drop-down menu
  • Step 3: Pick Local Files, choose Verify integrity of game files and let the process runs

To put it plainly, the verification would compare files on your computer to those on the Steam server. If differences exist between the files, the process is going to replace/repair files on your computer to make them match their server counterparts. That is enough to address corruption for most of the time.

Update The Graphics Card Driver

In the beginning, search for Device Manager in the Start Menu. Next, open Device Manager, click Display adapters and right-click the graphic card. On the drop-down menu, you have to hit Update driver. Afterward, on the pop-up window that appears,  you must select Search automatically for updated driver software. If an update is available, it’s best to download and install the update at the earliest opportunity.

Turn Off Antivirus Software

Skyrim won’t change anything on your computer while you play it so there is no need to keep the antivirus software on. If you play with antivirus software enabled and the game keeps crashing, you should disable the software. Assuming that Skyrim starts up normally after you turn off the antivirus software, you could conclude the software is at fault. In the future, whenever you like to play Skyrim, remember to disable the antivirus software beforehand.

How Come Skyrim Is So Prone To Crash?

Since Skyrim contains a lot of bugs that never get fixed, quite a few players experience crashes as they play the game. Even if people stick to vanilla gameplay, Skyrim could still go haywire from time to time. Because of that, there is no need to panic when you come across crashes as you explore Skyrim. Feel free to visit forums for Skyrim players if you have a hard time overcoming crashes in the game.

What Must Be Done To Stop The Game From Crashing?

To keep Skyrim running smoothly, it’s widely advised that you install unofficial patches created by the fans. The patches address a multitude of issues that Bethesda overlooks which improve the gaming experience as a whole. Numerous unofficial patches for Skyrim at the moment and you could use anyone you like but remember to match the version. For instance, if you play Skyrim Special Edition, use Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP).

Is Bethesda Still Supporting Skyrim?

Instead of working out all of the bugs, Bethesda opts to rerelease Skyrim once in a while. While the latest version of the game (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition) outmatches the original release, it’s not free of frustration. Hence, if you pick up Skyrim, don’t expect a lot of support from Bethesda when things go wrong in the game.

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