SOLVED! Skyrim Bfloatpointrendertarget=1

SOLVED! Skyrim Bfloatpointrendertarget=1

If you like playing RPG games, you must have heard of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skyrim for short).  Even though Skyrim was released in 2011, it’s still one of the favorite games of many gamers around the globe. Still, Skyrim is not exactly a well-polished game with errors popping up from time to time. Among the errors, few prove as frustrating as Skyrim bfloatpointrendertarget=1 at the moment. 

A Few Fixes

Modify Skyrimprefs.ini 

As the error indicates, Skyrimprefs.ini may be at fault but you could bring things back to normal if you tweak the file

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Skyrim folder on your computer
  • Step 2: Look for the file named Skyrimprefs.ini then open it.
  • Step 3 change bFloatPointRenderTarget=0 to bFloatPointRenderTarget=1.

Note: In the case that you use an ENB preset, set bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 in SkyrimPrefs.ini and UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false in the [GLOBAL] section of enblocal.ini. Otherwise, you should leave bFloatPointRenderTarget=0 and UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true.

Make Use Of Mod Organiser

If you have Mod Organizer on your PC, feel free to use it to modify Skyrimprefs.ini

  • Step 1: Open Mod Organizer
  • Step 2: Access Tools and launch the INI editor
  • Step 3: Change the number in bFloatPointRenderTarget from 0 to 1.

Note: if you want to do everything manually, follow this path: mod organizer/profiles/profilename and then open the Skyrimprefs.ini file. Afterward, set bFloatPointRenderTarget=1.

Get Rid Of Mods

Mods permit people to customize their experience but they cause errors on occasions too and Skyrim bfloatpointrendertarget=1 is a prime example. Hence you should consider deleting some of the mods. Moreover, it’s strongly recommended that you configure the render configurations in the Mod Organizer .ini file.

Uninstall And Reinstall 

Uninstallation and reinstallation involve a lot of hassles but all errors should vanish in the end. You need to uninstall Skyrim, the mods and associated items completely. Next, reinstall the game, launch it and determine whether the error persists.

Causes Of The Error 

Skyrim players usually come across the bfloatpointrendertarget=1 error as they save /load, start a new game or enter a new area. Out of the blue, an error message pops up saying “Error! bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 is not set in SkyrimPrefs.ini or you have multiple copies of this file”. 

All sorts of reasons lead to the error. Maybe you have not set the Skyrim bfloatpointrendertarget value at 1. Besides that, if you have too many Skyrimprefs.ini files, you can face the error as well. Last but not least, using game mods is also a thing that can lead to the bfloatpointrendertarget=1 error. 

Is Skyrim Worth Playing In 2022?

Absolutely yes, the game is a timeless masterpiece that gamers of all ages would enjoy. Moreover, the community’s mods also kick things up a notch. 

Is There An Ending To Skyrim Quests? 

The game contains a ton of quests and it could generate more as time passes by. Because of that, there is no ending to quests in Skyrim. 

What Genre Is Skyrim? 

Skyrim belongs to the action RPG genre with open-world settings. 

Are There Any Games Similar To Skyrim? 

In the case that you seek other tiles that resemble Skyrim, you should try out The Witcher 3, Legend of Zelda, Dragon’s Dogma, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Elden Ring, Kingdom Come: Deliverance,…

How Many Skyrim Copies Have Been Sold? 

In 2021, the total sales of Skyrim were 30 million copies and it is expected not to stop there. 

Who Made Skyrim? 

The game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. 

Can I Marry In Skyrim?

The answer is yes, there are many characters in the game that you can marry.  All you have to do is to obtain the Amulet of Mara, speak with Maramal in Riften then approach the NPC you want to marry. 

Interesting Facts About Skyrim 

  • The moons that you see during your adventure are actually two parts of Lorkhan’s corpse, a god in Skyrim. 
  • While other open-world games have their sequels’ maps larger than the predecessors, Skyrim’s world is in fact smaller than that of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall by 4,000 times. 
  • In Skyrim, the number of voice lines exceeds 60,000 and they were made by more than 70 actors.
  • On the release day of Skyrim on 11/11/2011, a child named Dovahkiin was born. Bethesda decided to give him an unlimited supply of their games for life. 
  • It’s possible to kill others in Skyrim by pickpocketing them. If you do not believe that, you should steal briar-hearts from Forsworn Briarhearts. 
  • Whenever you sit down in every inn, you will be offered food and drinks by the waiters. 
  • Skyrim almost never became the game we know today. Game of Thrones series’ makers once held a discussion with Bethesda regarding the acquisition of Skyrim as a tie-in for their TV series. 
  • Dragons in Skyrim are not exactly “dragons”. They are wyverns, the two-legged cousin of the four-legged dragon. 
  • In general, the Eastern market does not appreciate Western games as much as the Eastern game developers’ products. However, Skyrim recorded a perfect score of 40 in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, thus putting the game with some legends like Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid and Dragon Quest IX. 
  • Even though this seems unethical, you can steal from blind people in Skyrim. Yes, we know that they can sense your activities thanks to programmed organs, but all you need to do is plop a bucket, basket, or similarly shaped container upon their head. After that, everything that belongs to them will be yours. 
  • Never try to attack a chicken or you will find yourself being beaten up by the whole village. There are many cases where players are dead after trying to attack a chicken. 

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