SOLVED! RimWorld Cooler Not Working

SOLVED! RimWorld Cooler Not Working

Released in 2013, RimWorld didn’t take long before becoming one of the top titles in the top-down construction and management simulation genre. In RimWorld, players must manage a group of survivors to build a colony and survive on an alien planet. Most of the time, if players pay attention to the tutorial, they could progress through the game effectively and efficiently. However, complaints about gameplay mechanics still pop up on occasions and RimWorld cooler not working is a popular topic.  

Actions To Take

Take Sides Into Account

Generally speaking, one key aspect of the usage of coolers is the sides, red and blue. While the blue side blows cool air, the red side blows hot air. Thus, you should orient the cooler so the blue side points into the room while the red side points outside. It’s noteworthy that the red side is too hot, the cooler would have a hard time keeping the blue side cool.

Give Power Some Thought

Needless to say, the cooler cannot work unless it’s connected to a power source. Thus, once it comes to RimWorld cooler not working, you must think about power. Moreover, since the power consumption of the cooler is around 200W, the source needs to be able to meet that requirement.

Check Out The Room Setup

Quite a few players have suggested ways to improve the cooler’s performance by altering the characteristics of rooms. One thing you could do is to double the walls for cold areas because it helps regulate the temperature. Ideally, you should create an “air-lock” door type entrance. Last but not least, it is vital that the room is entirely roofed.

 Cooler In RimWorld Won’t Work: Reasons

In RimWorld, keeping the temperature at a suitable level is important because that dictates the ease of refrigerating foods, maintaining comfort, and so on. Usually, by taking advantage of the cooler, players could lower their temperature. That being said, it’s not uncommon for players to notice RimWorld cooler not working. There are several reasons behind that such as wrong set-up, incorrect installation, lack of energy, etc.

Does RimWorld have mods? 

Yes, the game is moddable. Mods customise the gaming experience by adding things to do and places to explore. 

Can the colonists make babies in RimWorld? 

The answer is no for the base game. Nonetheless, by installing a mod called Children, School, and Learning, you could start families in-game. 

How long does a year in RimWorld last?

Unlike the real world, a year in RimWorld equals 60 days and it is divided into four 15-day “quadrums” instead of months. 

Is there a storyline in RimWorld? 

Yes and you can discover it through in-game actions. The lore is still being updated though with news details emerging from time to time. 

What is the average length of a RimWorld playthrough? 

If you just want to accomplish the main objective, you need to spend around 57 hours. On the other hand, in the case that you aim for 100% completion, the length of your plat through may be as long as  349 hours. 

Does RimWorld have a multiplayer mode? 

Multiplayer is not a thing in the base game. If you install a mod called Zetrith’s Multiplayer, you could play alongside others though. 

How long did it take to develop RimWorld? 

Tynan Sylvester, the developer of RimWorld, said that it took the team 5 years to release the first beta update. 

Are there other games that resemble RimWorld? 

There are many games for you to choose from if you enjoy RimWorld. Titles that you should try out include Dwarf Fortress, Going Medieval, Amazing Cultivation Simulator, First Feudal, King Under the Mountain, Civitatum, Oxygen Not Included, Space Haven, Surviving the Aftermath and Frostpunk. 

Who is Randy Random in RimWorld? 

Randy Random is a wild storyteller with the mission to trigger challenges at random times across difficulties. Additionally, this man also brings dangerous threats consecutively or simultaneously. 

What can I do with dead bodies in RimWorld? 

The only thing which you can do with corpses in RimWorld is disposal. There are three ways to do so: butchering, burying and burning. For human and rotten corpses, using incendiary weapons to dispose of them is the best way. Meanwhile, butchering is a solid way to get rid of animal corpses. 

Is it possible to control multiple colonies at the same time? 

Since Alpha 16, the total number of colonies operating simultaneously is 5 and you can adjust that in the game settings. However, you should remember that the more colonies you have, the more challenging management becomes. 

Instructions For New Players

  • If you decide to have animals, it is recommended to put quantity over quality. Even though more animals mean that they are more fragile and susceptible to death, there will still be a few left to reproduce. Another benefit of having more than one animal is that they will form a pack, thus ensuring a win over big animals. 
  • Colonists’ happiness can be increased by constructing statues for art. The statues help in removing useless materials. 
  • Boars are undeniably the best animals in the beginning of a playthrough. The reason is they are strong and can fight Timber Wolf. Additionally, they are extremely fast, resourceful and easy to raise. 
  • In the case that your favourite colonist dies, you should keep the body frozen and wait for resurrection chances. 
  • Drugs are really in RimWorld and it is possible to make a fortune from them.  However, the use of drugs should be minimised since it leads to addiction and overdose which hurts the colony. 
  • Crops grow much faster when being planted in areas with rich soil. Thus, it is wise to identify rich soil and plant there. 
  • Stone walls protect your colonies from danger better than wooden walls. Because of that, you should prioritize stone walls despite the fact that they are harder to make and assemble. 
  • If you accidentally let a raider escape then he also brings all the knowledge about your colony and traps. 


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