SOLVED! Resident Evil 4 Treasure

SOLVED! Resident Evil 4 Treasure

From expanding the inventory space to upgrading weapons, all sorts of things in Resident Evil 4 revolve around money (Peseta). Hence, to provide Leon with what he needs to reach the ending, players must get as much money as possible. Throughout the game, players could earn Peseta in a number of ways but in terms of net worth, selling treasures is second to none. Assuming that players know where to look for every Resident Evil 4 treasure, they should be able to arm Leon to the teeth.

Treasures In Resident 4: Compilation 

You want to make a quick buck by selling treasures in Resident 4 but don’t know much about treasure locations? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to help you pinpoint all the Resident 4 treasures as you play.

Chapter 1 

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Chapter 1-1:


  • Spinel: The crow on the path that leads up to the cabin. The path contains a lot of crows but only the one that lands the farthest on the ground drops a Spinel after death.

Pueblo Village

  • Red Ruby: The chainsaw guy that guards the exit gates to Pueblo Village. Kill him before going into the house with the shotgun to get a Red Ruby. Also, it’s worth pointing out that he would disappear after the bell sounds.
  • Spinel: The roof of the house with the shotgun. Go up the stairs, break through the window on the right and make your way to the right side of the roof.


  • Pearl Pendant: The roof of the well beside the typewriter. If you shoot the pendant directly, you could only get the Dirty Pendant. To get the Pearl Pendant, shoot the piece of wood that holds the well then shoot the pendant.
  • Spinel: First cabinet in the second barn/the box in the small building beside the large gate that is locked at the moment.
  • Beerstein: Box near the second barn. Use the ladder to get to the second floor of the barn. Break through the window on the left, drop down and look to the right.

Booby Trapped Path

  • Spinel: The ceiling of the tunnel/The box inside the building to the left of the tunnel exit.
  • Red Catseye: The bird’s nest to the right of the house that makes the shuffling sound.

Chapter 1-2:

Inside The Facility 

  • Spinel: Behind the doors to the fireplace in the room with bear traps.
  • Elegant Mask: After leaving the room with bear traps, destroy the boards to the left, hop through the window and look to the left.

Path To The Chief’s House

  • Brass Pocket Watch: To the left of the well. Like when you get the Pearl Pendant, you should shoot the piece of wood before shooting the Brass Pocket Watch.

Path Leading To Pueblo Village

  • Ruby: The chainsaw guy would drop a Ruby after death.
  • Spinel: On the path that leads to the small building, there is a big tree. Shoot the bird’s nest on that tree.

Insignia Building

  • Spinel: The lantern near the ladder.

Secret Tunnel

  • Spinel: The lantern above the puddle/ceiling.
  • Elegant Headdress: Cross the puddle, turn around and look up.


Green Catseye: The prize for solving the puzzle in the back of the church.

Holding Area

  • Spinel: Inside the first shed/ The left side of a wagon.


  • Spinel: After the boulder chase, turn around and look to the mountain side.
  • Antique Pipe: Jump into the water where the bridge drops off. Next, walk alongside the right of the bridge until you see a big tree. Shoot the bird’s nest on that tree.

Path To The Lake

  • Gold Bangle w/Pearls: Take the path on the right then shoot the bird’s nest on the second tree.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2-1

Lake Merchant Shop (Blue Torches)

  • Spinel: Push the third crate, look to the left and shoot the torch. You could collect the Spinel after going back down the ladder.
  • Green Gem: Break the barrel, push the crate on the left and break two more barrels. Afterward, push the two crates out of the way then break the barrels.


  • Spinel: After using the rope, look up and to the left.
  • Amber Ring: Search the wooden structure in front of the waterfall.

Secret Cave Behind Waterfall

  • Spinel: Shoot the torch beside the door.

Holding Area

  • Spinel: Search inside the first and third shack.

Chapter 2-2

Churchyard (Night)

  • Spinel: Shoot the bird’s nest on the tree at the end of the path.

Insignia Building (Night)

  • Spinel: Shoot the lantern beside the ladder.

Pueblo Village (Night)

  • Spinel: Climb the ladder in the tower near the Insignia Building.

Chapter 2-3

Right Path (El Gigante)

  • Spinel: Inside the first and second small building.
  • Purple Gem: Approach the shed that contains the old key, look up and search for a bucket.

Left Path (Ganado)

  • Ruby: The chainsaw lady would drop a Ruby after death.
  • Red Gem: After you use the camp key, go through the door on the right side and destroy the boards covering a window. Next, hop through the window, follow the path and destroy the barrels at the end.

Note: It’s possible to collect treasures from both paths but you have to backtrack a bit.

Lift Control Area

  • Yellow Catseye: As you get off the lift, take the left path at the bottom of the stairs and open the treasure chest at the end.

Barn (Mendez Boss Fight)

  • Spinel: Shoot the red barrel.

Path To The Castle

  • Velvet Blue: Shoot the second barrel.

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3-1

Castle Entrance

  • Spinel: Shoot the barrel near the stairs.

Castle Exterior (Catapults)

  • Spinel: Among the debris of the destroyed structure/Shoot the torch beside the exit.
  • Velvet Blue: Inside the room with the cannon/Inside the small building across the bridge.
  • Gold Bangle: To the left of the small building that contains the Velvet Blue.

Sword Room

  • Spinel: Destroy the box on the shelf.

Outside The Castle Gate

  • Spinel: Break the barrel inside the first building.
  • Velvet Blue: Break the barrel beside the treasure chest that contains the castle gate key

Entrance Hall (1st Encounter With Salazar)

  • Velvet Blue: In the room where the encounter occurs, break the vase on the far left.
  • Green Gem: Go to the decoration puzzle, turn around and look up.

Hall Of Water

  • Velvet Blue: The moment you enter the hall, smash the vase on the right.

Main Hall

  • Spinel: The back of the first upside-down statue/The cabinet to the left of the statue.

Chapter 3-2


  • Velvet Blue: Following the appearance of the first bug, jump into the shallow water ahead and look to the right/Drain the water, kick down the gate and look to the left of the stairs.
  • Butterfly Lamp: Open the treasure chest inside the room with the valve handle.

Pendulum Room

  • Velvet Blue: Go to the small stairway on the right after you dodge all the pendulums.
  • Spinel: Climb up the ladder then break the barrels.

Main Hall (2nd Floor)

  • Spinel: Kill all the monks
  • Illuminados Pendant: Kill the red monk
  • Velvet Blue: Use the chandelier to swing to the other side. After that, break the vase to the left.
  • Elegant Mask: After using the second chandelier, break the glass on the left and open the treasure chest.

Painting Room (Chain Gun)

  • Velvet Blue: Break the vase on the right

The Gallery

  • Spinel: As you enter the gallery, shoot the shiny deer’s eye.

The Big Gallery

  • Spinel: Head up the stairs then look for a chair.

Dark Hall

  • Spinel: Approach the second door on the left and look up/search the fountain.
  • Velvet Blue: Search the fountain.

Garden Maze

  • Velvet Blue: When you enter the garden, destroy the second barrel.
  • Spinel: Break through the gate on the right, follow the path and head right again.
  • Red Gem: Go to the cage with the single dog, take the first left and follow the path. When the path splits, take the first left and open the treasure chest in the end.

Chapter 3-3


  • Spinel: Destroy the vase on the right of the bed/Look to the ceiling above the bed.
  • Mirror w/Pearls and Rubies: Head to the doorway that leads to the merchant and search the cabinet across from it.

Storage Room (To The Right Of The Dining Room)

  • Spinel: Break the crates beside the padlock door.

Cage Trap Room

  • Hourglass w/gold decor: Open the chest in the middle of the room.

Double-Sided Room

  • Velvet Blue:  Break the vase near the case that contains the rocket launcher.

Merchant Corridor

  • Spinel: Break the vase prior to meeting the merchant.

Chapter 3-4

Second Floor Walkway (Above Ashley)

  • Spinel – Break the vase across the room

Guest Room (With Ashley)

  • Spinel: To the left of the desk on the left side/open the drawer on the desk to the right.

Dark Storage Room

  • Velvet Blue: On the table to the right of the cabinet past the gates.

Dark Knight Hall

  • Spinel: On top the cupboards/search the cabinet to the right of the Salazar Family Insignia.
  • Gold Bangle: Solve the block puzzle then open the chest across the doorway.

 Salazar Family Room

  • Spinel: On the desk across from the blue door.
  • Velvet Blue: After you enter, open the drawer to the right of the room.

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-1

Note: With Ashley, it’s possible to pick up treasures that you missed earlier.

Second Castle Exterior

  • Elegant Perfume Bottle: Head to the locked door near the fountain, use the “piggyback” command and open the treasure chests.

Cart Room

  • Velvet Blue: Destroy the vase to the right.
  • Spinel: As you exit the cart, destroy the vase to the left.

Lava Room

  • Illuminados Pendant: Eliminate the second monk controlling the flame dragon, go to the cage in the middle and open the treasure chest.

Second Cart Room

  • Spinel – Prior to using the trolley, go to the right, hop over the railing and destroy the vase.
  • Velvet Blue: When you exit the trolley, destroy the vase to the left.

Painting Hall (Grail Puzzle)

  • Spinel: Go to the end of the left hall then open the left cabinet/check the first statue in the hall with the flapping curtains/Check the fourth statue in the same hall.
  • Purple Gem: Check the second statue in the same hall.
  • Velvet Blue: Check the third statue in the same hall.

 Spiked Ceiling Room

  • Spinel: Following the encounter with the drilling vehicle, destroy the box on the side.
  • Velvet Blue: Break the barrel across from the box.
  • Elegant Chessboard: Open the cabinet beside the two barrels

Hall Of Broken Windows

  • Velvet Blue: Destroy the vases on the right
  • Butterfly Lamp: Go to the end of the hall, jump out the window and use the ladder to get to the balcony. Next, follow the path until you see the treasure chest that contains the Butterfly Lamp.

Room With Novistador Nest

  • Multiple Red Eyes, Blue Eyes and Green Eyes: Kill every Novistador you see and destroy their nest.

Outside Of The Tower

  • Spinel: Shoot the first torch to the left.
  • Velvet Blue: Break the first barrel.


  • Gold Bangle:  Kill the leading monks that wears a mask

Stairs To Salazar’s Throne

  • Spinel: Check the statues

Bottom Of The Pit

  • Velvet Blue – Check the ground beside the impaled monks.
  • Crown: Check the dead monk leaning against the wall.


  • Velvet Blue: Check the first pipe to the left.
  • Spinel: Check the fourth pipe.

Water Control Room (Verdugo Fight)

  • Crown Jewel: Kill Verdugo.

Chapter 4-2

Merchant Cave

  • Spinel: Destroy the barrels on the right.

Mining Area

  • Velvet Blue: Check the first mine cart beside the two villagers/ go to the end of the tunnel, jump down the ladder and check out the mine cart beside the lever.

Novistador Cave

  • Red Eyes, Blue Eyes and Green Eyes: Kill the Novistadors.
  • Royal Insignia: Check the pedestal at the end of the tunnel.

Chapter 4-3

Path To The Ruins

  • Spinel: Approach the large middle tree then shoot the bird’s nest on its north side/search the table on the right of the first two villagers.
  • Velvet Blue: Search the well on the right of the fire.

Underground Maze

  • Velvet Blue: Destroy the first box in the tunnel on the left/search the ground to the right of the stairs that lead to the maze/search the ground beside the rocks to the right of the maze.
  • Staff of Royalty: At the beginning of the maze, open the tomb down the stairs.

Sand Pit

  • Spinel: Across from the stairs against the wall/In front of the door where the dirt is falling.
  • Velvet Blue: Go down the steps then destroy the first crate on the right.

Chapter 4-4

Salazar Statue Room

  • Velvet Blue: As you enter, break the second vase to the right/go to the second floor then break the vase on the other side of the statue.
  • Spinel: Go to the third floor then break the vase on the side of the room’s entrance.


  • Gold Bangle: Prior to using the small elevator that leads up to Salazar, go to the drop-off on the right and open the chest.

Castle Dock (With Merchant)

  • Spinel: Destroy the box.

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5-1

Island Shore (Enemy Camp)

  • Emerald: Go to the left, climb to the top and destroy the boxes.

Path To The Facility

  • Emerald: At the beginning, break the box on the right.
  • Golden Lynx: Go to the shining searchlight, look inside the cave and shoot the red barrel. Afterward, the explosion is going to reveal an entrance. Use the ledges behind the entrance to reach the treasure chest above.

Outside The Monitor Room

  • Red Stone of Faith: Head downstairs then check the metal case at the bottom.

Artillery Room

  • Emerald: Search the drawers beside the large door.

Stairwell Hallway (1st Floor)

  • Brass Pocket Watch: Break the box near the typewriter.

Stairwell Hallway (2nd Floor)

  • Emerald: Check the case across from the door.

Operating Room 

  • Emerald: Go to the room where the Regenerator lies then smash the glass to the side.

Waste Disposal Area

  • Emerald: Search the left dumpster beside the far wall.

Testing Room (1st Encounter With Iron Maiden)

  • Emerald: Smash the glass on the small tubes

Chapter 5-2

Room With Cages (Following The Bulldozer Ride)

  • Green Stone of Judgment: Search the case beside the merchant.

Chapter 5-3

Dark Stairwell (Before The Boiler Room)

  • Emerald: Break the left window in the middle.

Throne Room

  • Emerald: Search the chair.
  • Elegant Headdress: Go stand before the chair, turn around and look up

Cave Entrance

  • Emerald: At the beginning, search under the stairs.


  • Emerald: As you enter the hole below the tent, look to the ceiling.
  • Blue Stone of Treason: In the tunnel, take the path to the right and search the boxes at the end.

Chapter 5-4

Entrance To The Island Ruins

  • Emerald: When you go up the stairs, search the pedestal that leans against the wall/search the first pedestal on the path that leads to the exit.

Island Ruins

  • Pearl Pendant: Search the top of the tomb behind the ladder.

A Guide To Treasure Combinations In Resident Evil 4

Bạn có biết nhân vật bí ẩn nhất trong Resident Evil 4 ?

All in all, you could sell every Resident Evil 4 treasure to the merchant at the earliest opportunity. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize profit, combine the following treasures before selling them.

  • Beerstein: Combine the Beerstein with Green Catseye, Red Catseye and Yellow Catseye. You would get 20,000Pts if you sell the completed Beerstein.
  • Elegant Mask: Combine the Elegant Mask with Green Gem, Purple Gem and Red Gem. You would get 20,000Pts if you sell a completed Elegant Mask. You should be able to combine and sell two completed Elegant Masks throughout the game.
  • Butterfly Lamp: Combine the Butterfly Lamp with Blue Eye, Red Eye and Green Eye. You would get 32,000Pts if you sell a completed Butterfly Lamp. You should be able to combine and sell two completed Butterfly Lamps throughout the game.
  • Salazar Family Crown: Combine the Crown with Crown Jewel and Royal Insignia. You would get 48,000Pts if you sell the completed Salazar Family Crown.
  • Golden Lynx: Combine the Golden Lynx with Blue Stone of Treason, Red Stone of Faith and Green Stone of Judgment. You would get 35,000Pts if you sell the completed Golden Lynx.

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