SOLVED! Prison Architect No Regime Timeslot

SOLVED! Prison Architect No Regime Timeslot

Prison Architect is a top-down 2D and partially 3D game with players playing the role of architects and governors. It might be promising and exciting to begin playing the game until an error message pops up that says “no regime timeslot”. In this article, you will learn how to deal with Prison Architect no regime timeslot using simple steps.

“No Regime Timeslot”: An Analysis 

No Regime Timeslot for General Education Even With Classroom/Teacher. : r/ prisonarchitect

This message usually implies that there isn’t a slot within the regime of a certain number of hours of the work time that could fit an entire session. If this statement still looks complex, you will get explanations and steps to deal with the Prison Architect no regime timeslot error below.

What Must Be Done 

Some players get this message when starting a class. One noted that the error began after an update without DLC installed. With the resolutions below, I believe you are going to get your game running perfectly.

Edit The Schedule Of The Classes

If you open a program and instead of the program running, you get “no regime timeslot”, it means you have less time for the program than required. In this case, you might need first to edit the schedule of the classes and allocate enough time for the program. In Prison Architect, programs that can be done during work/lockup are those that last less than an hour. Editing the schedule involves moving the programs to the correct rooms/times. This is how you can do it.

  • Step 1: Go to time. You can find the tab that contains the time at the bottom. Add in a program manually by selecting the room to use as the class for the prisoners.
  • Step 2: Sometimes you might start the program but get the “NO TEACHER” message. This means you are assigning the wrong stuff for a particular education program. In this case, set up a well-furnished room with the correct staff member. If you are setting up a therapy, which is always the case in the Alcoholic program, you will need a psychologist. If you intend to run them concurrently, you will need to add another staff member.
  • Step 3: Adding another staff member will also require setting up a second office for the member.

Set “Work/freetime”

Before setting a work/freetime slot, keep in mind that “Foundation and General education classes” last for 3 hours. Thus, you should set up a “block” of 3 hours for “work/freetime”. Ensure you have a work regime slot that is long enough to accommodate the program. To set “work/freetime”, check the steps below.

  • Step 1: Click the little guy positioned on the top left of your screen. Things will come up on your screen. You will basically need to select a few things here and there, such as buildings, desks, and tables. Then ensure you have enough time in your free/work time schedule.
  • Step 2: Select the “Reports” interface. Select the “Programs” tab. You will see a list of programs. Select lock up. Then select “reschedule all programs” at the bottom.
  • Step 3: If you had not set the time for any of your programs, you have to schedule it first. Go to “Time” at the bottom. Then set work time in the regime that is long enough to enable the program to run.

Remove “Work/Lock Up”

Setting work/lock up will let the prisoners either do work or get locked up in the cell. It is worth noting that programs don’t run during work/lockup. If you have to schedule a program during this time, it has to run for less than an hour. But again, some players have noted that only previous versions of Prison Architect would allow “work/lockup” to have programs. If you are using the latest version of the game, you should set “work/freetime” to avoid this error.

Another problem that may cause Prison Architect no regime timeslot is staggering work/lockup and work/freetime. The best thing is rescheduling your programs to remove work/lockup from running at the same time as work/freetime. Check the information on “Edit the schedule of the classes” above to learn how to do that.

4 hours work regime but no regime timeslot why ? : r/prisonarchitect

Things To Do

  • Ensure you do not start programs that conflict with one another at the same time. For example, work/lockup and work/free time should be opened at different times.
  • Consider setting your programs manually. Letting the game allocate time and place may land you in trouble, such as getting an “unavailable” message or other problems leading to “no regime timeslot”.

How Do Prison Architect Programs Work?

Programs in Prison Architect are aimed at training, reforming, and improving the well-being of prisoners. Types of programs include work, mental and physical health, and education programs. You can run any of the programs at a scheduled time in the day according to the allocated time in your regime. It is worth noting that the programs will cost money in every session.

What Is The Longest Work Slot In Prison Architect?

Most extended programs last 3 hours. These programs will require a 3-hour work block for them to run. Knowing the time every program lasts to schedule them correctly.

How Do You Add A Regime Time Slot?

Before adding a time slot, you need to schedule time in the regime first, then add a program. For instance, if you are trying to add an education or reform program, you will have to assign enough time for the program. Note that programs are also considered work and will take 2 to 3 hours per session.

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