SOLVED! “Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow”

SOLVED! “Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow”

Developed by Studio Wildcard to be an action-adventure survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the best titles for those who want to kill time. In ARK: Survival Evolved, players not only have to hide from potential threats but also get to tame all sorts of creatures. Furthermore, a multiplayer mode is available so players and their friends can explore the world of ARK together. However, it’s worth pointing out that the multiplayer mode is susceptible to errors and “outgoing reliable buffer overflow” is one of them.

Ways To Address The Error

Restart The Server

Server restart is an effective and efficient solution whenever the “outgoing reliable buffer overflow” error appears. However, it may be tricky if you are not the creator of the server.

Change Storage

To ensure the loading speed, it is wise to move the ARK game files to a form of storage that works fast. For example, if you have ARK installed in HDD, you should consider moving it to SSD.

Adjust Server Settings

The data that the server owner’s client has to deal with might be too huge and lead to the overflow error. Hence, it won’t hurt to ask for an adjustment in the server settings like decreasing the graphic quality. By doing so,  the client does not have to deal with too much incoming data.

Modify The File Size Of The Character

The character’s file size contains quite a few elements such as engrams, inventory, skins,… so it may prove too big to process on occasions. To keep the size down, many players lower the number of items in the inventory or even completely wipe it clean. Moreover, since having too many ini and mods can result in overflow, it’s a good idea to remove some of them.

Make Use Of Mindwipe

In case you don’t know, the number of engrams of your character could lead to the overflow error. Because of that, it’s strongly recommended that you get your character to take a mindwipe tonic. Also, do not re-learn engrams until the moving process wraps up.

Reduce Tick Rate

High tick rates force the client to work more and the result is a high chance of overflow error. As a result, you should lower the tick rate of the server to reduce the network traffic between the clients and the server. One way to do so is to ask the host for a change in the Engine.ini by using this setting:



A List Of Possibilities

When ARK players try to join a server, their data will be kept in a buffer to be processed by the client. When the character data proves too large (greater than the buffer size) and/or cannot be processed quickly enough, an overflow occurs. The overflow error tends to show up when people transmit data inside a cluster. The reason is simple: The timeout is much shorter for a file load between servers than an initial load. 

Can I play ARK: Survival Evolved without network connection? 

In single-player mode, you may play ARK Survival Evolved offline on PC, Xbox, and Playstation. ARK’s single-player game option lets players play without using the internet. Additionally, all of the features of the online game are also included in the offline version. 

Does ARK: Survival Evolved have a story?

The answer is yes, ARK: Survival Evolved has evolved from a small island into a vast universe with a complex plot. Players must return to The Island, the original ARK map to completely comprehend the narrative.

How much storage does ARK: Survival Evolved take up?

ARK takes up a lot of disk space due to its huge open world and online multiplayer components. The base game alone will take up over 100 GB of storage space on consoles and computers. When people add DLCs, maps, and other features, the game may reach about 300 GB in size 

Is ARK: Survival Evolved hard or easy?

For your information, ARK is not a game that can be finished in a single sitting. It may take nearly a hundred hours to finish leveling up in the game, not including the time it takes to recover from raids or dinosaur assaults. The ideal approach to ARK is to start in a secured position and gradually level up.

Does ARK: Survival Evolved have cheat codes?

Yes and the total number of cheat codes is huge.

Will Studio Wildcat make ARK 2?

For the fans of ARK, this is great news for you as ARK 2 is officially coming, and the release date is still planned for 2022. 


  • The first thing to do to stay alive in every survival game is to gather resources. Thatch and stone are the first two things that players will need in ARK. Punching trees will give thatch, and the floor will give stones. Wood, flint, and fibre are the other most essential resources. Plants may be harvested by hand for fibre but to obtain flint and wood, it is necessary to have some sort of tools.
  • In ARK, experience and Engram Points are earned by progressing. These may be used to unlock new crafting recipes and equipment upgrades. Because there is no way to unlock all of them, it’s prudent to choose the most important ones. Starting with the Stone Hatchet, Spear, and Campfire is a great way to proceed. 
  • Across worlds, the greatest way to survive is to ask for assistance. Thus, if you like to stay alike, you should consider joining a tribe at the earliest opportunity. Of course, it is possible to start a tribe on your own but it would be easier to join existing ones. The tribe will help players in many aspects, not unlike guilds in other online games.

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