SOLVED! Mount And Blade Enterprise

SOLVED! Mount And Blade Enterprise

If you like leading armies in a medieval setting, there is a good chance that you would come to like Mount and Blade. In the game, you can battle all sorts of enemies which guarantee hours of entertainment every time you turn it on. However, in addition to battles, Mount and Blade also includes kingdom management and enterprises play a key role in that. If you like to learn more about Mount and Blade enterprise, you should find this article useful. 

An Overview Of Enterprises In Mount And Blade

Overall, enterprise is a feature in Mount And Blade: Warband that allows players to construct a modest industrial facility. The construction involves a big up-front payment and players must pay the monthly maintenance cost as well. Once up and running, the facility will help players transform raw materials into finished goods which fetch high prices. That means by taking advantage of enterprise, players could secure income streams over time. 

In the game, players can only set up enterprises if their reputation with the town, the lord, and the controlling faction is either neutral or favourable. Also, to start up an enterprise, it is necessary to have a chat with the Guild Master. 

Building Enterprises: An In-Depth Guide 

Once it comes to the Mount and Blade enterprise, players have nine choices: Mill and Bakery, Brewery, Tannery, Wine Press, Oil Press, Ironworks, Velvet Weavery and Dyeworks, Wool Cloth Weavery and Linen Weavery. Since it is not possible to build two enterprises in one location, players must think it through unless they want to throw away the money. For your information, the efficiency of each enterprise fluctuates based on locations and thrift characteristics. Thus, it’s a good idea to experiment with combinations of enterprises. 

Mill And Bakery

Since it’s the cheapest enterprise, Mill and Bakery cannot generate as much money as other enterprises. Moreover, players will be up against a lot of competition because Mill and Bakery is present in most locations. As a result, it is ill-advised to build Mill and Bakery if your budget is low.


All in all, Brewery is considered economical compared to other enterprises in the game. Additionally, the profit margin of Brewery is good enough to fit towns and cities. If you cannot whether to maintain control over a location during the war, build a brewery there. In the case that you have the opportunity, you should construct a brewery in Dhirim because of the low prices of grain in the surrounding area.


When everything else is unproductive, Tannery won’t deviate and the investment it requires is steep while providing mediocre returns. Nonetheless, in some political conditions, Tannery may be a sound choice. 

Wine Press

Usually, Wine Press is not worth building because of its low profit and high cost. In standard locations, Wine Press won’t work too well so it’s a less than ideal enterprise. However, in the case that you still want to get a Wine Press, you should consider building it in Veluca. 

Oil Press

Among the enterprises, Oil Press proves popular since it provides excellent revenue. Oil Press costs less than half the price of Dyeworks to construct. In use, Dyeworks gives you about 500-550 in ordinary towns/cities at most while the return of Oil Press reaches up to 350-400. Considering the initial investment, Oil Press is superior to Dyeworks.


Once it comes to Ironworks, no location is more suitable than Curaw. The reason is that Curaw’s villages produce iron but Curaw itself does not and that makes iron cheap. Needless to say, tools made from iron would be valuable (at least until the market is flooded) in that town. 

Velvet Weavery And Dyeworks

In Mound and Blade, Velvet Weavery and Dyeworks is the most expensive enterprise but its values meet its investment. Furthermore, Velvet Weavery and Dyeworks is not affected by the over-saturation of the market. It is wise to construct Velvet Weavery and Dyeworks everywhere except for Curaw and locations where the Guild Master predicts an unprofitable future for that enterprise. The best places for Velvet Weavery and Dyeworks include Rivacheg and Wercheg.

Wool Cloth Weavery

Wool Cloth Weavery is not a good Mount And Blade enterprise as wool cloth is produced everywhere but not wool. As a result, the profit margin of Wool Cloth Weavery is often negative. Moreover, the build cost of a Wool Cloth Weavery is 6,000 with a maintenance fee of 120/week so it is the second most expensive enterprise. Finally, the average profit of Wool Cloth Weavery only amounts to around 25% of Velvet Weavery And Dyeworks.

Linen Weavery 

Linen Weavery is by all accounts not worth the effort because of two reasons: high costs and a low-profit margin. The enterprise experiences the same hardship as Wool Cloth Weavery. Additionally, Linen Weavery is even worse than Wool Cloth Weavery since its average profit only equals around 17% of that of Velvet Weavery And Dyeworks.

What’s the difference between Mount and Blade and Mount and Blade: Warband?

Mount & Blade: Warband is the expansion pack of Mount & Blade. The game includes multiplayer and enhancements for every aspect of the game: factions, aesthetics, objects, features, gameplay and so on. Warband also features an active community, tons of modifications, …

Does Mount and Blade: Warband have a story?

In the game, players can make their own stories. Talking to the NPCs will only give background knowledge. 

What do I have to do to become a king in Mount and Blade: Warband?

To become king/queen, you must first establish your kingdom, either by seizing a fief while unaligned, revolting as a Vassal when a fief is denied to you, or enlisting the aid of your husband/wife.



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