SOLVED! GMod Hide-And-Seek Maps

SOLVED! GMod Hide-And-Seek Maps

Despite its age, GMod (a.k.a Garry’s Mod) remains one of the leading sandbox games on the market in terms of flexibility. By taking advantage of the freedom that Garry’s Mod provides, players can set up all sorts of game modes including hide-and-seek. Do you want to kill time with friends online and need some good GMod hide-and-seek maps? In that case, this article is going to be of use to you. 

Hide-And-Seek In Gmod: Insights 

Overall, it’s possible to play hide-and-seek on whatever map you like but to get the most out of the experience, stick to hide-and-seek maps. Optimized for hide-and-seek, hide-and-seek maps not only guarantee hours of entertainment but also reduce issues like glitching, lagging, etc. You could choose from locations: Las Vegas, the White House or even the Krusty Krab restaurant in SpongeBob SquarePants. Additionally, you have the option of choosing maps based on the number of participants so you do not have to spend forever finding friends in huge areas. 

Top Gmod Hide-And-Seek Maps


Currently, Resort is undeniably one of the best Gmod hide-and-seek maps that everyone can enjoy. Few people can say no if you ask them to play hide-and-seek in a resort with a beautiful pool and rooms filled with sunlight. However, it takes a bit of work to find hiding locations and there is a cliff that makes players invincible. Therefore, remember to set out rules first. 

The map is not so big so it will be suitable for groups with less than 5 people. 


This map depicts an underground city with various locations to hide. People can travel around the map in multiple ways which makes it fun for hiders as well as seekers. 

Since this map is kind of big, you probably need a party with more than 5 people. 

SCP: Anomaly Site

You will be running around a SCP facility and it is inspired by SCP: Containment Breach. However, the map is actually clean and its look is futuristic. 

This map is intended for at least 5 players. If you play with a large group, it won’t hurt to have 2 seekers.


You surely cannot ignore a 5-star map with 3,814 ratings. This map is made for a sandbox server so it is large and it contains 4 main zones: grass, water, desert, and building. Moreover, there are also secret zones appearing on the map, and that gives players excellent places to hide. 

If you have a small party then it is advisable to limit the play zone. Otherwise, seekers cannot find hiders in time. 


This map reflects a real waterworld with many areas that provide places to hide depending on your creativity. You can even access the technical room of the water park. 16,122 ratings with big five stars mean the quality of the map is more than enough to satisfy you and your friends. 

The water park is relatively big, so it is recommended to play with more than 5 people. 

Island 2013

In Island 2013, you and your party will play hide-and-seek on an island surrounded by ocean with multiple places to hide (houses, tunnels, lighthouses, …) Exploring this map is quite fun since it has many places suitable to hide. Moreover, if you are too lazy to climb the lighthouse, there is an elevator that eases the ascend. 

This is a medium-sized map so a party of 5 – 9 players is recommended. 


Let’s bring the game to the sky with a floating aircraft. This map has several rooms and objects to utilize as hiding locations. You will have a good time here, for sure. 

This map is suitable for a group consisting of 5 to 9 players because of its size. 


This map resembles a real shopping mall with various stores such as a KFC store, a video games shop, an electronics shop and so much more. As a result, places to hide exist everywhere. 

Since this map is considerably big, it’s wise to have between 5 and 9 players.

Where Can I Find Other Addons Of Garry’s Mod? 

You can find different maps and game modes in Garry’s Mod Steam community’s workshop. 

Is Garry’s Mod Free To Play?

Yes, it is totally free. Even though some multiplayer servers or game modes require having other games like Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike: Source, these games are free too. 

Is Garry’s Mod Compatible With Devices Other Than PC?

Unfortunately no, the game can only be run on PC through Steam. However, you can get a game similar to Garry’s Mod on Android called Abalone and it is an APK file. 

Is Garry’s Mod Kid-friendly?

Yes, many kids are playing Garry’s Mod these days. 

How Can I Remove Things Such As Bullet holes, Blood, or Explosions?

You need to open the console command and type “r_cleardecals”. In case you want to disable them entirely, the command will be “r_decals 0”. 


  • The name Garry’s Mod is a combination of the game designer Garry Newman and Half-life mod.
  • Garry’s Mod was initially developed to be a mod for Half-Life 2, but it was then released as a standalone on Steam.
  • In total, the game was downloaded more than 14 million times as well as having over 90,000 unique user-generated mods. 
  • There are over 600,000 active people playing GMod monthly. 
  • Garry’s Mod was firstly called Facewound. 
  • When released in 2004, GMod was just a simple mode that enabled people to change gravity and other physical parameters. 



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