SOLVED! Fidelity Active Trader Pro Not Working

SOLVED! Fidelity Active Trader Pro Not Working

In most of the cases, Fidelity Active Trader Pro not working is the result of compatibility issues between the program and Windows. To bring Fidelity Active Trader Pro back to normal, you should run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. In addition, you could uninstall recent Windows updates, uninstall and reinstall Fidelity Active Trader Pro, … Continue reading to learn how to carry out the solutions on your own. 

A List Of Solutions

Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

As time passes by, it’s not uncommon for compatibility issues to arise and complicate the operation of Windows programs including Fidelity Active Trader Pro. Hence, if you notice Fidelity Active Trader Pro not working, it’s wise to run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter at least once.

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, type Control Panel and press Enter.
  • Step 2: Change View by to Large icons, select Troubleshooting and choose View all.
  • Step 3: Locate Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, click it and pick Next.
  • Step 4: Navigate to Compatibility tab then hit Run compatibility troubleshooter.
  • Step 5: Choose Fidelity Active Trader Pro and select Next. Proceed to click Try recommended settings, pick Test the program and see how things turn out.

Uninstall Windows Updates

You recently updated the Windows OS of your computer? Then there is a good chance that the new update is responsible for Fidelity Active Trader Pro not working. In that case, you have to uninstall Windows updates.

  • Step 1: Press Windows + I to open Settings.
  • Step 2: Go to Update & Security then hit View update history in Windows Update.
  • Step 2: Hit Uninstall updates, right-click recent updates and pick Uninstall.
  • Step 3: As soon as the uninstallation wraps up, restart your computer.

Uninstall And Reinstall

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, type Control Panel and press Enter.
  • Step 2: In Control Panel, change View by to Category then hit Uninstall a program under Program.
  • Step 3: Locate Fidelity Active Trader Pro, right-click it and pick Uninstall.
  • Step 4: Follow onscreen instructions to initiate the uninstallation.
  • Step 5: The moment the process completes, restart your computer and reinstall Fidelity Active Trader Pro.

Fidelity Active Trader Pro Won’t Work: Fixes

Fidelity Active Trader Pro usually works well but if it acts up out of the blue, you may want to take the following possibilities into account: 

  • Incompatibility 
  • Updates 
  • Corruption 

Other Questions Regarding Fidelity Active Trader Pro

Is Fidelity Active Trader Pro real-time?

Fidelity Active Trader Pro is a real-time trading platform that provides direct market access. By taking advantage of the program, you can trade stocks, options, futures, and Forex all in one place. Active Trader Pro also offers advanced features such as streaming market data, trading from charts and so on.

Do I have to pay a fee to use Fidelity Active Trader Pro?

There is no fee to use Fidelity Active Trader Pro. However, you may be charged a commission by your broker for each trade that you make.

How much does an active trader at Fidelity make?

The answer to this question depends on several factors: the amount of capital the trader has to work with, trader’s strategies, risk tolerance, market conditions, etc. That being said, active traders at Fidelity could make a lot of money. A recent study by Fidelity showed that the average active trader at the company earns $74,901 per year.

Does Fidelity allow automated trading?

Fidelity supports automated trading. You can set up automatic investments in funds you already own in your brokerage, retirement, 529 savings, or other eligible Fidelity retail accounts.

Does Fidelity have 24-hour customer service?

Yes, Fidelity Investments offers 24-hour customer service support. You can reach a customer service representative via phone or live chat on their website.

Can Fidelity sell my shares without my permission?

No. Fidelity cannot sell your shares without your permission. You must have given a Fidelity broker explicit instructions to sell your shares. That means there is no way for Fidelity to sell your claims if you have yet to give your consent.

Is Fidelity superior to Edward Jones?

Fidelity is a leading provider of investment products and services. They offer a wide range of services, from retirement to estate planning. Edward Jones is a smaller firm but they offer a more personalized service. They get to know their clients one-to-one and tailor their investment products to meet their needs. As a whole, Fidelity is a solid choice if you desire a diversity of services while Edward Jones is more suitable if you seek a personal experience.

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