SOLVED! Fallout 4 Supply Lines Map: A Beginner’s Guide

SOLVED! Fallout 4 Supply Lines Map: A Beginner’s Guide

Following previous titles, Fallout 4 incorporates iconic features of the Fallout series but it also introduces new ones and settlement management is a prime example. Assuming that players manage their settlements well, they would receive quite a few benefits as they explore the post-apocalyptic world. Settlement management is not exactly a walk in the park though and one miscalculation may cause all sorts of hassles. That being said, you could manage your settlements with relative ease if you have a well-thought-out Fallout 4 supply lines map in mind.

A Summary Of Supply Lines

Unable to devise a sound network of supply lines on your own and need some help? In that case, this article is going to be of use to you. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind once it comes to putting together supply lines in Fallout 4.

Conditions To Set Up A Supply Line

Needless to say, you cannot create a supply line out of thin air. To get a supply line up and running, you have to meet a couple of criteria:

  • At least two settlements
  • At least one free settler (to be assigned as a provisioner)
  • Rank 1 of Local Leader perk (requirement: 6 Charisma)

If you have everything, use the workshop in a settlement, select Supply Line, highlight a settler and open the list of settlements. To open the list, press Q (for computer), R1 (for Playstation) or RB (fox Xbox). With the list on the screen, select the settlement that you want to link to the current settlement via a supply line. The chosen settler is going to become a provisioner and start traveling between settlements to deliver supplies.

How To Review The Supply Lines Map 

Open the world map, and press C (for computer), L1 (for Playstation) or LB (fox Xbox) to view your Fallout 4 supply lines map. By looking at the map, you should be able to view all the settlements connected to the supply line network at the moment.

Drawing Up Supply Lines: Suggestions

Overall, there is no such thing as the best Fallout 4 supply lines map as different players have different preferences. Nonetheless, Fallout players usually stick to three styles of maps for supply lines:

Central Hub

So you play casually and don’t bother with designing the ultimate network of supply lines? Then it’s suggested that you go with the Central Hub map style.

You just have to designate one of the settlements as the “central hub” then link the rest to it. To take advantage of the supplies flooding in, your “central hub” should be your best-developed settlement with all of the facilities. While you may choose whatever settlement you like, you need to prioritize those in easy-to-access areas with no high-level enemies nearby. That would facilitate the flow of supplies to the “central hub” in most of the cases.

Satellite Hubs

As the number of settlements increase, pooling all of the resources toward a single settlement may lead to certain inconveniences. If you plan to build settlements across the Commonwealth, you must consider selecting the Satellite Hubs map style. The design of the map is simple: in each region, select a settlement to serve as a “satellite hub” and connect it to local settlements. Next, link every “satellite hub” throughout the land and spend the resources in any way you like.

No Hub

If you plan to set up all possible settlements in Fallout 4, it’s a good idea to create a network of supply lines with no hub. Here is an overview: the game consists of 37 settlements (30 in the base game and 4 in DLCs). In the case that you like the No Hub map style, you should link Settlement One to Settlement Two, Settlement Two to Settlement Three, etc. At the end, connect Settlement Thirty Seven to Settlement One for a closed network and that’s it.

Note: For ease of networking, it’s widely advised that you unlock all settlements in Fallout 4 before creating supply lines. In addition to that, as you link the settlements, remember to take into account the distance. The last thing you want to do is for the provisioners to trek across the Commonwealth to deliver the supplies. One way to keep the distance moderate is to link the settlements wisely. For instance, if Settlement One is Sanctuary, Tenpines Bluff and Red Rocket Truck Stop would be excellent choices for Settlement Two and Settlement Thirty Seven.

Benefits Of Creating Supply Lines

  • Sustainment: With a solid network of supply lines, you would have an easy time sustaining the settlements. Excess food and drink in some of the settlements make up for shortages in others which help with the level of happiness. As a result, there is no need to worry too much about settlements falling apart due to low happiness levels. Settlements with high levels of happiness also deliver more junks, generate more caps, attract more settlers, etc.
  • Time And Effort: While it’s possible to make settlements self-sufficient, you must spend a lot of time and effort to build all of the basic facilities. However, if you make use of supply lines, you just have to focus food and drink production on specific settlements. Provisioners continuously move food and drink through the settlements which means no location should experience shortages. Consequently, you could dedicate your attention to exploring the Commonwealth instead of keeping settled well-fed and watered.
  • Security: In case you don’t know, provisioners that transport supplies carry weapons and they automatically attack hostiles along their route. Moreover, if you engage in combat, provisioners in the vicinity would rush to your aid. As a result, supply lines not only increase the availability of resources but also make areas more secure. If you manage to set up a logical network of supply lines, you can traverse the Commonwealth in relative safety.
  • Space: If you come across provisioners when your inventory is full, you could offload items onto them to free up space. Provisioners should bring your item to settlements that you assign them to so item retrieval is a walk in the park. In a pinch, you can even take items from provisioners to replenish your stock of ammunition, consumables, … It’s noteworthy that the default item inventory of provisioners is mediocre so don’t expect fancy stuff from them.

Bugs With Supply Lines: Compilation

Fallout 4 is not exactly a well-polished game so bugs affect quite a few features including supply lines. To make the most out supply lines, you should get to know the bugs and how to fix them.

  • Zero water and food: On occasion, if players create overlapping supply lines, some settlements would display zero water and food. To bring water and food back to normal, it’s necessary to remove supply lines that overlap then activate the workshop at affected settlements.
  • Missing provisioners: Usually, once players set up supply lines, the provisioners assigned to them would keep moving supplies unless told otherwise. Still, every now and then, provisioners could go missing out of the blue. In the best scenario, provisioners may be engaged by hostels and players need to go rescue them. In the worst scenario, provisioners bug out and players have to reset the supply lines.
  • Population: Provisioners don’t count toward the population limit of settlements. Still, for some reason, the game only allows players to direct provisioners to settlements that have yet to reach the population limit. There is no fix for the bug but its impact on networking supply lines is minor.

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