SOLVED! Fallout 4 Presets Not Working

SOLVED! Fallout 4 Presets Not Working

The beautiful post-apocalyptic world that Fallout 4 brings will make players unable to take their eyes from the screen whenever they enter it. Nonetheless, like its contemporaries, Fallout 4 still leaves something to be desired so many people opt to install mods to customize their experience. Nowadays, regarding popularity, few could outmatch character mods and it’s possible to set up specific appearances for characters by using presets. It’s worth pointing out that presets don’t always work though and reports about Fallout 4 presets not working appearance from time to time.


Fallout 4 features quite a few issues here and there but once it comes to Fallout 4 presets not working, consider the following suspects.

Unconfigured .INI Files

For your information, .ini files are configuration files that every program must initialize at launch and the same applies to Fallout 4. Mods only run if the .ini files generated by the mods contain the correct information for the operating system, the mod manager and so on. If the declared parameters do not match, it’s natural for mods to go haywire. Hence, you should take .ini files into account if your Fallout 4 presets won’t work.


A firewall is a protection mechanism that protects computers from all sorts of risks on the Internet. However, every now and then, the firewall may overreact and impair normal operations on computers including the loading of Fallout 4 presets. Unable to get Fallout 4 presets to work as expected? In that case, you have to give the firewall some thought.

Nexus Mod Manager 

If you use Nexus Mod Manager to manage Fallout 4 mods, it’s essential to configure the settings properly. For instance, Nexus Mod Manager works best if installation takes place on the same hard as the game. That being said, there are still options that allow us to install mods in one place and play in another. You must first enable the Multi HD Setup of Nexus Mod Manager before locating and launching the Mod with the game thought.


Mods themselves can also be responsible for issues with presets. Here is an example: When mods get too old or don’t receive support from developers, they tend to act up in use.


To protect users as well as their information, the operating system of computers won’t grant privileges to programs at whim. That means if you have a hard time getting programs to work as expected, they may lack privileges.

Fixing The Fallout 4 Preset Error: Advice

Once you have identified the issues that could result in Fallout 4 presets not working, you just need to work through each of them.

Reconfigure .INI Files

With misconfigured .ini files, the only way to fix it is to reset it through the appropriate command line. To do this, we will need to follow the instructions:

  • Step 1: In My Computer, go to the folder with the Documents>MyGames>Fallout4 to find where the executable file is located.
  • Step 2: In this folder, you will see some .ini files, and you need to pay special attention to the file called Fallout4Custom.ini and open it with a file editor. If no file with a similar name is found, you can also create a new file using an editor like Notepad and save it with the same name.
  • Step 3: At the file editing interface, you will change the content of the .ini file by adding the following lines:




  • Step 4: Next, you will need to work with the file Fallout4prefs.ini by adding the line “bEnableFileSelection=1” to the bottom of the page in the “Launcher” section. If you already have this line, but the assignment value is =0, you need to change the number, and you’re done.

Apply Changes To Firewall Settings 

It is not too difficult for us to grant permission to bypass the firewall for a program because all we need to do is perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Click Start then select Settings.
  • Step 2: Navigate to and select the “Updates & Security” option at the Settings screen.
  • Step 3: Among the settings in the “Updates & Security” section, look for “Allow an app through firewall” and select it.
  • Step 4: Pick Change Settings as a window containing the list of programs on the machine and the permission status appear.
  • Step 5: Give all Fallout 4 and related programs permission to use public and private networks.
  • Step 6: Click OK and close the window.

Tweak Nexus Mod Manager Setting

While addressing errors that involve Nexus Mod Manager, it’s best to enable the Multi HD function. Unfortunately, you can only add Multi HD while setting up the expansion packs during the installation of Nexus Mod Manager. Hence, you will need to uninstall Nexus Mod Manager and reinstall it.

Delete Mods 

To identify and remove damaged mods, you will need to perform some testing steps. Depending on the number of mods you install, the process will be long or short, and if you want to simplify this process, you can use mod management software.

  • Step 1: Run Fallout 4 without mods. If the game runs normally, the error is most likely coming from one of the mods that you recently added.
  • Step 2: Enable each of the mods you have until the preset error appears.
  • Step 3: Identify and uninstall the mod that causes the error.

Grant Administrative Privileges

To grant admin privileges to not only Fallout 4 but also associated mods, follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: Right-click the executable file or management software such as Nexus Mod Manager then select Properties.
  • Step 2: In the Properties window, click the Compatibility tab and select Run as Administrator. Choose OK to complete

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