SOLVED! Fallout 4 Looksmenu Presets Greyed Out

SOLVED! Fallout 4 Looksmenu Presets Greyed Out

Looksmenu is one of the Fallout 4 mods that offer the ability to customize the face of characters in Fallout 4. By taking advantage of Looksmenu, players should have an easy time creating specific appearances for in-game characters. However, it can get annoying when gamers discover that they can’t save/load presets out of the blue. Read to the end of this article to learn more about Fallout 4 Looksmenu presets greyed out and the solutions for that.

How To Enable Looksmenu Presets

Desperate moments require desperate measures so you should try out all of the solutions down below.

Check Out Looksmenu 

It is worth checking the operation of your presets to determine the source of your problem. This will make it easy to go straight to the most appropriate solution. Before trying other solution methods, it’s worth trying these simple fixes. Check the steps below.

  • Step 1: Check the presets tab when navigating to the character menu. If you can see it, check if it is greyed out. If it’s fine, try the next method.
  • Step 2: Try clicking on the presets tab. Check to see if you have other presets installed beside the preset you are using. If you have other presets, it is recommended you delete them to avoid conflict.
  • Step 3: Check the location of your Looksmenu presets. If it is under the wrong folder structure, you might see the Looksmenu presets greyed out. If you install the presets manually, ensure you install them in the following location: Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets.
  • If you lack a proper folder structure, make a quick update to your Looksmenu presets. In some cases, version 2.992 may lack the proper folder structure. If this is the case, update it and make new presets for version 2.992a. Then go to Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets, and check *.json files. If you don’t have this file, open the zip file and copy the presets from the zip file to the folder.

Run Fallout 4 Looksmenu Using F4SE

Fallout 4 Looksmenu Presets greyed out might happen due to improper launching of the game. For your information, most gamers who encountered this problem launched the game through the regular .exe. If you are also experiencing the error after launching the game through .exe, consider launching it through the script extender.

To launch Fallout 4 Looksmenu using F4SE, follow the following instructions.

  • Step 1: Assuming you are using NMM, click the arrow in front of the launch button.
  • Step 2: From the Menu, click the F4SE. Remember to always run it like that.

Disable And Re-Enable Presets

This is another method you can use to solve Fallout 4 Looksmenu greyed out. Go to Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets. Disable the files in this folder then enable them. If you lack some important files, copy them from the zip file.

Delete Leftover Files 

You might get Fallout 4 Looksmenu presets grayed out if you still have files left over from the previous versions of F4SE. These files can come into conflict with the Looksmenu you are using. In most of the cases, this issue occurs as a result of overwriting the old versions with the new one. Things would return to normal once you delete the leftover files.

Uninstall And Reinstall Looksmenu

You might have tried the above methods but still can’t get the problem solved. The best thing to do at this point is to uninstall the Looksmenu and install it again. Of course, only install the latest version of Looksmenu after uninstalling the old one to avoid running into problems. If you are using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), this is the time to use it effectively. First, run it as Admin. After that, uninstall Looksmenu, then reinstall it.

Think About Antivirus Programs 

Antivirus may detect F4SE as malicious, especially if you are using Nortons. This is because of the presence of “f4se_loader.exe”, “f4se_steam_loader.dll”, “f4se_1_10_26.dll” that arouse suspicions. What you can do here is to go to your antivirus program then exclude the files from the antivirus scans as well as real-time protection.

Looksmenu Presets Not Working: Summary 

It’s not normal for the presets of Looksmenu to be greyed out but if they do, take a look at the possibilities down below.

  • The overwriting the old Looksmenu file with a new one
  • Antivirus programs deem F4SE to malicious
  • Incompatibility between F4SE and the version of the game
  • Wrong launch option

Where Can I Find The Looksmenu Presets With MO2?

When it comes to new files saved with programs and run via MO2, you will not find the Looksmenu in the usual game Data folder. Instead, you will find it in the overwrite. Navigate to mods, sort by mod name, then find “Overwrite”. Below is the path to the location.

Q:\Mods\Fallout 4\Mod installation\overwrite

How Do I Install And Load Character Presets?

First, ensure that you have the Fallout 4 script extender. Install it using the Nexus mod manager. Download the Looksmenu mod then sort the load order using LOOT. Afterward, select the preset in the Fallout 4 game. If you installed the mod correctly, you should see the preset in the “preset” tab. Copy the presets to the preset folder from the preset mods. Finally, start the game through F4SE.

How Can I Enable Modding In Fallout 4?

Enabling modding is crucial to allow the game to accept the mods you will install. To enable modding, configure the Fallout4Prefs.ini file. You can find the file in the Fallout 4 directory folder.

To configure the file, navigate to this file location. Open the Fallout4Prefs.ini using a text editor. Press “ctrl+F” to open the search box. Enter “Launcher” in the search box. Below the launcher add “bEnableFileSelection=1”. Click “File”. Then select “Save” and close the text editor.

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