SOLVED! Dragon’s Dogma Hard Mode

SOLVED! Dragon’s Dogma Hard Mode

For those that like Elder Scrolls series and desire a similar experience, Dragon’s Dogma is a must-play. The game from Capcom is an action role-playing hack-and-slash title that guarantees hours of entertainment. However, Dragon’s Dogma still receives complaints from players and the most common topic is the lack of challenges in the normal mode. Unsurprisingly, many discussions about the game revolve around whether Dragon’s Dogma hard mode is worth playing. 

Hard Mode Of Dragon’s Dogma: Insights

The hard mode is included in the DLC Challenge Pack: A Trial for Adventurers or you can pick up Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to get it from the start. In hard mode, enemies get stronger while your character grows weaker. Also, there is a chance that you will get one-hit by many things prior to level 50. On the bright side, hard challenges come with big rewards so you could expect large amounts of coins and experiences. 

Characteristics Of Dragon’s Dogma Hard Mode

Changes In Difficulty

Firstly, the Arisen can endure 4.5 times more damage than normal and their stamina will deplete faster while the pawns stay the same. Moreover, the amount of stamina lost from skill use and spellcasting is roughly half of what it is in normal mode. On the other hand, running drains the same amount of stamina as in Normal Mode. Additionally, Damage Reducing Augments’ effects are increased. 

Regarding the enemies, their resistance to Stagger and Knockdown are tripled which makes it much more difficult to inflict such statues. Furthermore, some of Gransys’ Goblin mobs will spawn with additional members. The most important thing is that enemies now do double damage. Nevertheless, the health, intelligence and behaviors of the foes remain changed. 


Players could obtain more gold when killing enemies in open world and dungeons. Sometimes, even common opponents such as Goblins, Bandits, Undead, Saurians, and Wolves can drop Giant Coin Pouches worth 10,000 Gold. As a result, the rewards make wandering around at night more rewarding. 

One thing to remember is the experience gain is doubled compared to normal mode. If you want to quadruple the experience gained, wear items like Blessed Flower or Martyr’s Talisman. Additionally, the number of discipline points required for vocation leveling is twice that of Normal Mode. Finally, Rift Crystal revenues for rented pawns are also doubled.

After completing The Final Battle in hard mode, the reward will be an Abyssinal Outfit while completing The Great Hereafter guarantees a Set of Duke’s Clothing. These are probably the main reasons why players want to complete hard mode besides challenging themselves. 

How To Switch To Hard Mode

You can change from easy/normal to hard mode at your leisure via the main menu. However, in case you have decided to switch to hard mode, please note that all of the progress will be reset. Even though you have to start over from the beginning of the store, current levels and equipment will still be carried over. Hence, if you want to obtain the rewards of hard mode while avoiding struggles then it’s wise to play the normal mode until you get to level 20 at least. 

Was Dragon’s Dogma successful?

The total sales of Dragon’s Dogma have long exceeded one million copies worldwide. Therefore, the community deems Dragon’s Dogma to be a hit. 

Is it possible to buy a house in Dragon’s Dogma?

The answer is yes but it is not actually for yourself as it is the place for the family to live. Additionally, you instantly get a house at the beginning of the game. 

Does Dragon’s Dogma allow swimming?

No, you cannot swim in Dragon’s Dogma.

Is Dragon’s Dogma superior to Skyrim? 

Dragon’s Dogma cannot beat Skyrim in terms of important things such as story, open world, quests as well as dungeons. 

Can I play with my friends in Dragon’s Dogma?

In the initial stage of development, a co-op mode was supposed to be in the game but Capcom ended up removing it. 

Is it possible to create my own character? 

This is actually one of the most interesting features of Dragon Dogma because it is quite flexible and you should get the wanted kind of character. Additionally, the game lets you create your sidekick (also known as pawn). 

What is the meaning behind the name “Dragon’s Dogma”?

The name Dragon’s Dogma was chosen because of the importance of dragons in fantasy lore and the game’s dragon’s role in explaining the plot’s themes. Because dragons are linked with the fantasy genre, this might be the name needed to include the term “dragon.”

Is there an online version of Dragon’s Dogma?

Capcom did release Dragon’s Dogma Online as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. However, the server was shut down in 2019 due to the low player count. 

How can I increase the carry weight in the game?

The first way is to hire Pawns and have them carry the items for you. It is also possible to create a big character to increase total encumbrance and encumbrance thresholds. Moreover, if you have the Trophy Boots, the weight limit will be increased by 10. Besides that, Leg-Strength and Sinew help reduce encumbrance. 

A Beginner’s Guide

  • To keep stamina exhaustion from hindering your progress, maintain a supply of Stamina Curatives on you at all times. Wearing Lv.3 Bitterblack gauntlets with the benefit “Restores stamina when you deal the fatal blow to an enemy” will mitigate stamina loss to a certain extent too.
  • Dagger users can utilise Forward Roll instead of running to travel faster while saving stamina.
  • Sanctuary and Predation are two augments that can help you save a lot of Wakestones.
  • Keep a stock of health remedies.
  • In hard mode, opt for blocks and dodge rolls if you can help it.
  • It is not wise to spam skills in hard mode unless you want your character to be K’O easily. 
  • Like other games, it is better to save as frequently as possible. 


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