SOLVED! Divinity: Original Sin 2 Fiery Malediction

SOLVED! Divinity: Original Sin 2 Fiery Malediction

Released back in 2017, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a solid RPG game that guarantees hours of entertainment. As people progress through the game, they could take on multiple quests that not only add to the experience but also challenge their skills. Early in Divinity: Original Sin 2, Lady O War proves to be among the toughest quests with the Cloaked Figure dishing out Fiery Malediction. Read to the end if you like to know more about Divinity: Original Sin 2 Fiery Malediction and the way to complete Lady O War.

A Summary Of Divinity: Original Sin 2 Fiery Malediction

In Lady O War, your party must battle Dallis, Cloaked Figure and other enemies on  Lady Vengeance. Every now and then, Cloaked Figure is going to use Fiery Malediction which works as a time bomb. Once hit by Fiery Malediction, your characters will take significant fire damage after two turns. To give you an idea about the damage output of Divinity: Original Sin 2 Fiery Malediction, the health of Prince would drop to a quarter.

However, after the Fiery Malediction goes off, necrofire will appear. That is a status effect that lasts forever on terrain and you only extinguish it if you have access to Bless, Arcane Stitch, Mass Cleanse Wounds, Cryotherapy or Mass Cryotherapy. In case you do not have any of those, you will have to turn into your Necromancer and Rain Blood to turn necrofire into normal fire. After that, casting Rain or Cold Snap should remove the fire completely. 

The worst-case scenario is that you do not have anything to deal with the necrofire as mentioned above. Your only option is to make use of a tank with high fire resistance or utilise high movement speed to escape the area. 

How To To Complete Lady O War


Firstly, there are no shops between Fort Joy’s docks and the voyage aboard the Lady Vengeance. Hence, you have to complete all the shopping activities in the town and to do so, it is essential to seek out surviving merchants in the urban districts. The party should be fully equipped with strong and diverse skill books, high-level items and consumable items like potions and status affecting arrows. Besides buying, feel free to steal from NPC in Fort Joy Ghetto, Seeker Encampment, and other locations. 

In terms of skills, here are some suitable ones for your party to consider: Bouncing Shield (Warfare), First Aid (Huntsman), Skyshot (Huntsman), Backlash (Scoundrel), Tentacle Lash (Polymorph), Living on the Edge (Necromancer), Rallying Cry (Summoning), Teleportation (Aerotheurge), Fossil Strike (Geomancer), Armor of Frost (Hydrosophist), Corpse Explosion (Pyrokinetic, Necromancer), Spontaneous Combustion (Pyrokinetic). 

For your party level, it’s wise to get as close to level 10 as possible. Extra XP can be obtained by exploring Fort Joy’s areas such as hidden passages, caves, and waterways. Additionally, you should not leave quests uncompleted, party-related as well as newly-added. Moreover, it is strongly recommended that you eliminate all enemies you come across. 

Also, you should destroy the posted Shrieker to rescue the Seeker Tarlene. Although Tarlene does not have much damage while fighting, she can still come in handy by playing the role of a target during the battle on Lady Vengeance. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the party is fully arranged before departure or only Malady, Gareth, and Tarlene (if saved) will be up against seven enemies. After that, there are 3 different ways to clear the quest: protect Malady until her spell is finished, defeat all enemies or inflict enough damage to Dallis/Cloaked Figure so they retreat. 


Protect Malady

If your strategy is to protect Malady, it is advisable that you stall, avoid damage, and heal. Specific buffs such as Armor of Frost, Fortify, Uncanny Evasion, and Living on the Edge can be placed as extra protection for Malady. Since you should avoid fighting as much as possible, inflicting negative status effects on enemies is a good move. For example, Silent Monks will receive physical effects from Knock Down and Atrophy and magic status like Sleep, Frozen, and Petrify. 

Besides that, you should pay attention to the Gheists’ moves because they are the most dangerous enemy. Creating obstacles like oil, ice, and webbing can slow down attacks from the enemies. Additionally, body blocking or mass summoning is also helpful in this case. However, Weaponized Monks can jump past the obstacles so it is wise to be aware of them. 

Eliminate Enemies 

This strategy is way harder than protecting Malady but you can obtain certain achievements and trophies. Of course, you still need to protect Malady so she won’t be killed. If you examine the enemies well enough, you should notice that some of them lack armour so it’s possible to eliminate them quickly. 

We all know that high damage attacks are not safe but they should be prioritised here. Firstly, you should take advantage of the Seekers’ dead bodies as sources of damage via Corpse Explosion. The next thing to remember is that you can use the Cloaked Figure’s fire to your favour and expand out with your own Pyrokinetic magic. Lastly, use Lady Vengeance’s ballista to deal a ton of physical damages and Death Fog barrels to instantly kill living enemies.

Target Dallis

Generally speaking, you do not need to kill Dallis, just drag her health below 400. As mentioned above, Death Fog can one-shot the enemies but it is useless against Dallis because of her undead status. Moreover, it is kind of hard to reach her or even see her because she stands on higher ground than your party.

If you want to approach her, use the leap or teleport abilities to reach the stern mast and start firing arrows, magic on Dallis. Since this strategy renders melee characters, specifically Gareth and Malady, useless, you can consider switching to a ranged build for a while. For example, rogue-built members become temporary archers or warriors turn into muscular Necromancy. Furthermore, The Glass Cannon talent will be extremely helpful this time because it provides more AP and spamming Fane’s Time Warp Source ability gets you a free turn. 

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