SOLVED! “BattlEye: Client Not Responding” Arma 3

SOLVED! “BattlEye: Client Not Responding” Arma 3

While new shooter games hit the market from time to time, not many titles could match Arma 3 in terms of realism. Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield and similar series, the Arma series feature a wide range of elements that aim to simulate “real” combat. Thus, Arma 3 as well as the Arma series in general prove popular among gamers that desire down-to-earth experiences. However, Arma 3 still leaves something to be desired and at the moment, “BattlEye: Client not responding” Arma 3 is a common topic of player complaints. 

Causes Of The Error 

Overall,  “BattlEye: Client not responding” is an error that pops up as players attempt to join multiplayer servers. The full error message is “You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Client not responding)”. As for what causes the error, you may want to consider these possibilities:

  • Unstable connection between your PC and the server.
  • The blockage of BattlEye’s function by firewall, antivirus software,…
  • Errors in the BattlEye file. 

“BattlEye: Client Not Responding” Arma 3: Suggestions 

Be Patient

Generally speaking, the error could go away by itself after a few minutes. Hence, in the beginning, it’s a good idea to wait for a bit and see how things turn out. 

Think About Router/ Modem

One way to dismiss connection errors is to restart the modems/ routers several times. The “BattlEye: Client not responding” error keeps getting in your way? In that case, you should turn off your modem/ router, wait and turn it on again. Furthermore, you should think about updating the modem/ router’s firmware as well. 


Sometimes, hiccups on computers could mess up the operation of BattlEye and lead to errors. That is why it’s wise to restart your PC at least once if you keep coming across the “BattlEye: Client not responding” error.

Make Exception For BattlEye 

Firewall, antivirus software and so on protect computers from threats but they may block normal processes on occasions as well. Thus, you should determine whether BattlEye is blocked by firewall, antivirus software, etc. If BattlEye is being blocked, proceed to make an exception for it at the earliest opportunity. 

Disable And Re-enable BattlEye

About “BattlEye: Client not responding” Arma 3, many reports indicate that the error vanishes after players disable and re-enable BattlEye. To disable and re-enable BattlEye, you have to go through the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Open the launcher.
  • Step 2: Disable BattlEye.
  • Step 3: Run Arma 3, launch one single-player op and exit the game.
  • Step 4: Re-enable BattlEye.
  • Step 5: Launch Arma 3 again, join a server and witness the result. 

Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

  • Step 1: Head to the Arma 3 folder. 
  • Step 2: Delete every folder associated with BattlEye.
  • Step 3: Head to the Common Files folder.
  • Step 4; Delete the BattlEye folder.
  • Step 5: Follow the path c:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Arma 3\BattlEye 
  • Step 6: Delete the file BEClient.dll.
  • Step 7: Open Steam, go to the Library and locate Arma 3.
  • Step 8: Right-click the game then pick Properties.
  • Step 9: Head to Local Files, hit Verify integrity of game files and wait until the verification completes. 
  • Step 10: Open Arma 3 then give multiplayer one more go.

Is Arma 3 free to play? 

Yes, the game is free on Steam. 

Does the military use Arma 3? 

The game is used as a training program for the military. 

Will Arma 3 get a sequel? 

Following the release of Arma Reforger, there was information saying that the road to Arma 4 has already been planned. 

Is Arma 3 a simulator game? 

To put it plainly, Arma 3 is a hyper-authentic combat simulation. 

Which game is superior, Arma 3 or Squad

This question has no clear answer since it is based on individual liking. Squad resembles Battlefield or Call of Duty here and there once it comes to gameplay. On the other hand, Arma 3 scores well in terms of reality, sandbox mods, missions, etc.

Is Arma 3 exclusive for PC? 

Yes, the game is only available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. 

Could I play Arma 3 in single-player mode? 

Yes, even though the game shines in multiplayer mode, you can still find a lot of fun in solo missions. The focus of the single-player campaigns usually revolves around small squads of infantry.

Is Arma 3 a pay-to-win game? 

Absolutely not, Arma 3 has never been a pay-to-win game. The associated DLCs only introduce improved gameplay while the newly added weapons do not have considerable advantages over original ones. 

Is Arma 3 a hard game? 

For casual gamers, the game is hard because there are too many variables that can dictate the outcome of a match. It’s noteworthy that even veteran shooter players struggle while playing Arma 3. 

A Few Facts

  • If rangefinder is not available, you should open the map for several seconds then place a waypoint. After that, the exact range will appear but the trick depends on the difficulty and not all servers support it. 
  • By pressing Alt two times before getting in a vehicle, you could look around using the mouse as you drive.
  • It is essential to carry a pistol so that you can engage if the main gun runs dry and enemies get close to your position. 
  • Always start with a campaign first since it will help you familiarise yourself with the basics of the game: controls, gameplay, driving, etc. 
  • Compass is your best friend in Arma 3 so learn how to use it. 
  • If you want to learn from experienced players, join a unit that accepts rookies. 
  • Grenades work wonders if you want to clear a building. 
  • Whenever you see a tank, you better run and if you see a helicopter then you should be prone. The reason is because you cannot take them down without a lot of explosives. 
  • Single player mode allows you to test gun and scope combinations and this makes it a lot easier to purchase the right things in PvP. 


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