SOLVED! Ancient Tome Of Body Mastery

SOLVED! Ancient Tome Of Body Mastery

Ancient Tome of Body Mastery is one of the books in the Divinity: Original Sin. By using Ancient Tome of Body Mastery, players could gain one extra point to spend on their Attributes. In most of the cases, players could grab the book from Teller of Secrets at the Hall of Secrets. If you can’t buy or see the Ancient Tome of Body Mastery.

How To Pick Up Ancient Tome of Body Mastery

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The Ancient Tome of Body Mastery is one of the essential books together with the Compendium of Mortal Techniques. However, you need to unlock the Hall of Secrets to get access to these books. Below are steps to unlocking the room sheltering the Teller of Secrets.

  • Step 1: Start a New Hero. Here you will need “Scoundrel” and “Walk in the Shadow” skills. Run to Evelyn, help her decide and get the first Bloodstone.
  • Step 2: Run to Aureus and tell him regarding A Mysterious Murder. Then go to Tavern. There, the second Bloodstone is going to activate. To get another Bloodstone, you will need to get to the Church through the NO-Gate. Once in the church, pass the Troll and pick your third Bloodstone.
  • Step 3: Look for Brandon and talk about his retirement plan. You can find him at Lucalla Forest. Speak with Loic too on the Initiation Test. If you kill Samic before entering the church, Loic won’t show up in the trial dungeon. This requires you to go back and speak with him before facing the test. Use the westside to leave Silverglen. Don’t forget the Tenebrium box behind.
  • Step 4: Pass over the Queen Spiders and through the Goblin Village. Unlock the Waypoint. Then throw out a Teleporter Pyramid and teleport over and onto the other side of the river. In the Immaculate Village, you will need to sneak into Geomancer’s Shop. Here you will find the Tenebrium. Steal it and get back to Bradon. This object gives you the Tenebrium Skill Level 1.
  • Step 6: Get inside the Immaculate Initiation Temple. Steal the fourth Blood Stone to unlock it. Get back to Cyseal Harbour then visit Black Cove. Execute one of your heroes. Go invisible to the Black Cove entrance. Revive one of your other heroes. Then sneak past “Source Abomination”. You will see the painting. Destroy it and click the button. At this point, you will level up to Level 2.
  • Step 7: Once at Level 2, sneak past all your enemies. Open the Scullgate. Sneak pass Pirate, then get rid of his cheat. This action will give you a chance to collect your fifth and final Blood Stone.
  • Step 8: After gathering all five Bloodstones, you will need to Teleport to the End of Time. At the End of Time, pass through every room until you unlock the Hall of Secrets. There, you can approach the Teller of Secrets and buy The Ancient Tome of Body Mastery. You can also get the Compendium of Mortal Techniques.

Rules Of Divinity: Original Sin

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It is fun playing the Divinity of Original Sin. However, you will encounter various issues if you ignore some crucial steps. The only way to avoid these issues is to prevent them. These tips and tricks will help you avoid these issues and take full advantage of the Ancient Tome of Body Mastery book.

Buy The Book Every Time You Can

Several players have reported that the Teller of Secrets has ceased restocking books as they level up. However, one of the players admitted not buying them in the previous levels when they were available. If you have enough money, you may consider purchasing the books once you have the chance.

Don’t Pass Over Any Opportunity To Make Money

Ancient Tome of Body Mastery is one of the most expensive things in the Divinity of Original Sin. Hence, as you play, you will need to collect as many objects as possible and sell them to get money.

Besides collecting objects lying around the world, you can steal some from other characters. You can also choose to craft stuff using recipes and sell them for a profit. Another sure tip that has proved rewarding for some players is collecting 4 blood/star stones as soon as possible before gaining too many levels.

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What Is The Difference Between The Ancient Tome Of Body Mastery And The Compendium Of Mortal Techniques?

These two books are closely related to each other. Ancient Tome of Body Mastery gives the player one attribute point. On the other hand, the Compendium gives the player three ability points.

Do I Need To Buy The Ancient Tome Of Body Mastery Through Every Level?

Once you unlock the Hall of secrets and buy your first book, the teller will be restocking the books through every level. You can choose to buy once or through every level that follows.

How Much Does The Ancient Tome Of Body Mastery Cost?

The base price of Ancient Tome of Body Mastery is 5,000 Gold. It’s noteworthy that the price of the book depends on  Bartering level and Attitude. There is a good chance that the first time you come across Ancient Tome of Body Mastery, it costs way more than 5,000 Gold. However, as you increase your Bartering level and Attitude score, the book’s price reduces. Needless to say, you should focus on Attitude and Bartering if you consider purchasing the book at every level.

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