About Us

Nowadays, various means of entertainment exist but not many match games in terms of popularity. Furthermore, the widespread availability of gaming platforms means you could play games whenever and wherever you want.  However, no game is perfect so you may run into several issues while playing games which prevent you from enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Unable to get the most out of a game due to bugs, glitches and so on? Your computer acts up and won’t let you play your games? In that case, 13thlab is the site for you.

Who Are We 

At 13th Lab AB, our primary focus is to develop products in the field of Computer Vision for mobile devices. We are a small startup that believes the camera has the potential to be the most important device sensor, and we are hard at work building the tools to enable this. Advanced computer vision is complicated, and we want to make it freely available to all developers.

13th Lab started a few years ago as an outlet for a few friends to work on fun side projects together. In early 2010 we started looking at computer vision for mobile devices. We realized that devices were getting close to powerful enough to be able to handle advanced computer vision tasks.

Since early 2011, we are working full time at 13th Lab in our office in Stockholm, Sweden. Our first product, the game Ball Invasion for iPad 2, is available in the App Store. Ball Invasion is the first implementation of our computer vision platform. It was the first world’s first SLAM implementation for consumer devices.

In early 2012, we released PointCloud™ SDK, which enables developers to write their own apps for App Store.

Our company, 13thlab, specializes in tracking both 2D as well as 3D movements. We also develop the creation of 3D objects and spaces using cameras. Our works have many applications and gaming is one of them. Currently, our PointCloud SDK development tool is being used by Oculus VR to enhance the experience of virtual reality games.

What Do We Have 

All in all, 13thlab hosts quite a few articles and they belong to four categories: How To, Tips & Tricks, Trending and Q & A.

How To

Today’s games usually include instructions so players know what must be done but some still struggle to progress at times. In the How To category of 13thlab, you could find information on specific procedures to achieve specific goals. Since our writers describe procedures in steps, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the middle. Finally, the inclusion of images for each procedure should help you orient yourself as well.

Tips & Tricks

Once it comes to games, it’s ok to go in blind and learn everything on your own. However, if you don’t like to put yourself into a tough spot and miss out on the good stuff by mistakes, drop by the Tips & Tricks category. Articles in the Tips & Tricks category could show you the way to see every aspect of games, acquire items, recruit characters, kill bosses, … We do our best to keep spoilers to the minimum in Tips & Tricks articles so don’t hesitate to read them.


Wish to stay up-to-date about developments in the game industry? Then it’s strongly recommended that you check out the Trending category on our site every now and then. Articles in the Trending category always cover the latest news as well as topics that attract special attention from the community. In addition, to keep each of the Trending articles relevant, we update them as soon as new details come out.

Q & A

If you have questions about games but lack the patience to dig through multiple threads for answers, the Q & A category is exactly what you need. Designed to assist gamers that want to know more about games and associated subjects, Q & A articles provide information in comprehensible formats. If you seek knowledge, you won’t regret giving the Q & A category of  13thlab a look.


You don’t need a monster PC to be able to play games but computer issues could mess up your gaming experiences. Frustrated by the fact that your computer keeps acting up every time you play games? In that case, you should find articles in the Computer category informative. Using knowledge from Computer articles, you would be able to optimize your PC for gaming with relative ease.

Our Direction 

We currently target gaming enthusiasts in English-speaking countries so the language of our articles is English. Still, as part of expansion, we plan to release articles in other languages as well. Also, as the number of our staff increases, we could create dedicated sections for popular gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

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