SOLVED! A Hat In Time How To Dance

SOLVED! A Hat In Time How To Dance

While many games on Kickstarter barely managed to raise enough money, A Hat in Time received twice the amount that the developers set out. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the game reached its Kickstarter goal in mere two days. Many things contribute to the success of  A Hat in Time but most of the charm of the game is derived from the smug dance. That being said, the lack of explanation means newcomers still ask about A Hat in Time how to dance 

Dancing In A Hat In Time: Summary 

In the trailer of A Hat in Time, the character can do a smug dance that looks cute by all accounts. For your information, Hat Kid isn’t a fan of singing so her “smug dance” is a nod to Bob in Animal Crossing. In fact,  Hat Kid performs the dance with a cat smirk on her face as well. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for newcomers to have trouble getting Hat Kid to dance no matter how many buttons they smash.

Unsurprisingly, A Hat in Time how to dance shows up in all sorts of discussions regarding the game.

What Must Be Done

If you play on PC, Hat Kid is going to dance if you press “1” and “4” alternatively in quick succession. In the case you play with Xbox, PS controller or Nintendo Switch Joy-cons, proceed to rapidly press “up” and “down” on the D-Pad.  

Why is A Hat in Time rated T (Teen)?

This game looks really colorful and kid-friendly but it still has moments that are likely to be scary such as ghosts or specific black creatures. 

What is the genre of A Hat in Time?

This is a platform action-adventure game. 

Which studio developed A Hat in Time? 

This game was made by Gears for Breakfast and published by Humble Bundle. 

When was A Hat in Time released?

The game was released on October 5, 2017. 

Will A Hat in Time get a sequel?

For now, there is no information about A Hat in Time 2 or something like that. Rumors also say that the developers are concentrating on a new title, so it will take a long time for A Hat in Time’s sequel to be produced. 

Who is A Hat in Time’s main character?

The name of our main protagonist is Hat Kid. She is a young human-like alien child who is trying to collect the scattered Time Pieces to fuel her spaceship so she can return home. Along with Hat Kid, there is also Bow Kid appearing in co-op mode. If you do not know then Hat Kid’s real name is Heni. 

Who is the main enemy of Hat Kid? 

The main antagonist in A Hat in Time is Mustache Girl and she is on the race with Hat Kid to collect the Time Pieces to take advantage of its power. On a side note, Hat Kid and Mustache Girl were friends in the past. 

What is the length of A Hat in Time?

10 hours is all you need if you only want to beat all the quests of the game.  If you like to unlock all achievements, prepare to spend around 17 hours.

Was A Hat in Time popular?

Yes, the game has sold over one million copies one year after its release. Moreover, on Steam, the game is given positive reviews by 98% of 33,950 users. 

Should I get Seal The Deal DLC?

If you think that purchasing Seal The Deal DLC may be a waste then you have to reconsider. Seal The Deal is in essence a two-in-one DLC since you will get two new updates. The first one is a new chapter called The Arctic Cruise and the second one grants you an extra difficulty known as Death Wish. Moreover, there is some additional content like new Time Rifts, outfits, local split-screen co-op and so much more. 

According to players’ opinions, the Arctic Cruise is an okay adventure that brings you through multiple fun levels. However, this chapter is a bit short since it only contains 3 acts and 2 Time Rifts so new and old characters have less time to shine. Although most players say that this chapter is easy, many challenges exist if you strive for achievements. 

The most interesting part will be the new difficulty, Death Wish. As the name suggests, Death Wish is intended to satisfy tryhard gamers. Past levels are revamped with insanely hard obstacles which bring forward a hardcore gaming experience. Aside from that, the community rifts should also give you a lot of fun. 

Random Facts

  • Hat Kid’s scooter has a license plate and it says “H3T K1D 06”.
  • If you use the ice hat above the light pouring out of the pillow mountain, you will discover a secret hideout. In there, you should find a diary that changes after you accomplish a level. 
  • The green door in the machine room, originally covered by crates that can be destroyed with the Brewing Hat ability, leads to a gallery containing paintings inspired by real-life paintings. The gallery is also the location of a time rift. 
  • There is a hidden alternative solution in the act ‘Queen Vanessa’s Manor’ where you can crawl from the cellar to the attic in an instant.
  • Moon Penguins in A Hat in Time have strange talents for penguins, such as the ability to hover for a brief length of time and snap despite the fact that they have no fingers.
  • Mustache Girl and the Mafia Boss both have the same mustache shape but you can only see this when taking a close look. 
  • DJ Grooves’ eyes are hidden behind his glasses. They will be shown if you use the camera badge to look through his glasses in the opposite direction of his face.
  • It is possible to play as Bow Kid if you have installed both Seal the Deal and Nyakuza Metro DLC. 

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