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How To Use Tinder Without Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social networking websites of today’s world as billions of users around the world uses it for their day to day life.The popularity of Facebook has increased so drastically that even all the leading apps require Facebook for signup and Tinder is one of them Well there seems to be a lot of argument between many users that how to use tinder app without Facebook and the answers are still questioning. So let’s get started.

In today’s post, we will discuss this case and will tell you how can you use tinder without a Facebook account.Tinder is a dating app  and is been trending nowadays It uses location based services to find people in your nearby areas, whom you might be interested in and can chat with new friends in which you are interested .

Why Tinder Ask For Facebook :  Why is Tinder Linked To Facebook ?

Many websites and apps don’t have their sign-up so instead of having sign-up option they use Facebook sign-up and the user get logged in . But the question arises why Facebook? here is the answer : Facebook is free and best medium for communication that why Tinder use Facebook.Many other reasons  are listed below

  • You won’t have to upload new photos to tender as you already have many photos uploaded to Facebook so in order to avoid this step tinder ask for Facebook signup.
  • The most important reason is that many users in Tinder app create fake account so in order to prevent fake account in Tinder, Facebook signup is required as it is the best method to check the account is real or not.
  • Tinder will have  all the basic information about the users from their Facebook account to prevent abuse and which will help Tinder
  • Users can save time as they don’t have to fill a long signup form, only that have to tap on the button which says ” login with Facebook “

Is Tinder Possible Without Facebook ?

Well honestly speaking there is not any method or way by which you can use Tinder app without Facebook login, but there are few methods by which you can minimize the privacy invasion or you can keep aside yourself from real Facebook identity.Here we have given two methods below by which you can limit the access of Facebook

Improve in the Facebook account privacy :

  1. First of all you have to login to your account . There click the press the lock icon appearing at the top right.
  2. As you press the lock icon a dialogue  box  will appear having many options.
  3. All you have to do is click the “see more settings” at the bottom of the list. Then, tap on “APPS”. You’ll see a number of linked apps with Facebook account .
  4. After that, tap on the Tinder app and change the App visibility to “only me”. By doing so, Tinder app would not be able to post on your behalf.
  5. Your friends could also not see that you are using Tinder.
  6. That’s all ,done ,you have limited access of Facebook to the Tinder account.

Create a new Facebook account same as previous one (a clone account )

You can also create a new Facebook account just like same the older one, in other words, we can say that just like a clone account.All you have to do is create a new clone account and setup all the things after that just use as for Tinder signup, don’t send any friend request or accept in the new Facebook account as it is for only signup with tinder app .This will help you in answering the question of how to use tinder without Facebook friends knowing.

Why Tinder Should Not Be Linked With Facebook Account 2017 ?

  • Online privacy – All your dating history is saved in Tinder and it is connected to Facebook if Tinder gets hacked all the private chats will be public .
  • Automatic Syncing of Photos –  As you link your Facebook account with Tinder your public images  on Facebook get automatically synchronized with Tinder app .
  • Accessing your contacts : Tinder access  all your contacts in your friend list to find a potential match for you which we think that anybody of us will want .


Well, friends, this was all about how to use tinder without having Facebook.If you like this post then share it with your social media buddies.Your feedback and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.For more Tech updates please subscribe to 13thlab .Thanks for visiting.


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