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Best Apps To Download Free Music For Your Android Phone


Love for music is not a tendency of human-beings only, It is a common characteristic of nearly all living creature on this earth and in today’s world We can’t resist our-self from listening music as music is loved by all of us in-fact we all are music lover aren’t we ?Have you ever wonder about the power of music . Music has unlimited powers, also it help us to relax .In today’s post we will share the list of top free music apps for android phone by which you can download your favorite music for free and can enjoy it anytime anywhere, so lets get started .

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Free Music Download App For Android

Listening Music is the hobby for all of us and if the music is free of cost and you don’t have to pay for downloading your favorite songs then it becomes a boon or a gift .There are many cool android apps available in Play store for downloading music for your smartphone but Here we will provide you the top best complete list by which you can have the best free music apps for downloading songs .

Top 10 Free Music Apps For Android

  • GOOGLE  PLAY MUSIC –  Well google play music is one of the best app for downloading songs .Google Play Music has  a huge collection of songs more than 70,000 songs are there in its database.Google play music is free to download and use .As it is crested by google so can have faith on this app .With this cool Android app you can easily play the local music or stream online music as you want to do.

  • WYNK MUSIC  – Wynk music is most used android app and in India and if have Airtel connection then you get a free 6 month free subscription and after that you have to pay 99 Rs (~1.5$) per month to enable the unlimited music download and streaming on your device but still it is best place to find Hindi and regional music. The app is free to download .

  • MUSIC PARADISE PRO – This app is one of the free best free app for downloading music . However you will find the interface too old but it is quite good for music lover .It searches for the music you entered in all the search engines and creates a list for you to download .
  • HUNGAMA MUSIC – Hungama music app is one of the leading  music app to play and download music for free on your Android phone. This app has got huge database of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional songs. This app is free to download and use However  if you want to use full features then you have to go with premium paid version .
  • 4 SHARED –  WELL this is also the  best  app for best app for playing music online .However the app has been removed from the play store but still yo can have it from internet for free.Some cool features have been added in the latest update.
  • GAANA – GAANA IS the best free music download apps for android of Hindi music as it offers you a wide range of Hindi music for free .The only drawback of this app is that if you want any English song then you have to switch to another app as it does not offer you any English songs , but still you can enjoy Hindi music .

  • MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD – MP3 music download is also best place for downloading music .This app is very simple to use, and the music is free to download as well so you can have music of your choice on your smartphone.The best part of this app is that this app is available in various languages.
  • FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD –  Free MP3 DOWNLOAD is best place search music for .It provides a link to that song when you search for that song. so basically it is a intermediate to your favorite song .You can search for FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD for your android phone .

  • SuperCloud Music Downloader – It is a good music downloader app in which You can search for the music by name, genre or artist involved and you will get the results in no time . The app is free to use however  it is not available in the Play Store but you can  download the APK file from the internet
  • ANGAMI – Angami is also a cool app for streaming and downloading music for free .Basically Angami is based on the Arabic class, it primarily offers you the Arabic songs, but you’ll also find other as well but in limited access . The is widely used in middle east countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia .It is the best Arabian mp3 downloader for android .

So guys this was all about best free apps for downloading music on android, i hope you will surely like this post ans if so then share on social media .If you have not subscribed our blog then please subscribe as we bring latest tech updates for you .You feedback and comments are valuable for us as they motivates us for doing better .

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