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Download Megabox HD Apk For Android


Well, today is the world of online streaming and every of us want to play movies and their favorite TV shows online as the internet is now on every hand with the introduction cheap net packs and broadband we all are in a rush to play online everything and for the movies lover here is an cool app name  ” MEGABOX ” . You can download megabox HD apk for free . Megabox is an Android app which allows you to stream movies and TV series online for free in HD quality. The movies and TV shows are been updated daily and added to its directory. Megabox HD has a good collection of movies and TV shows but the only problem is that you can watch them only in HD quality and for that you will need a good internet connection.In today’s post, we will be discussing the megabox HD apk which we download for free.

Download Megabox HD App For Android Mobile

As We all know that gone are those days when we have to pay a lot of money for having a good internet connection but now the scenario is totally changed for few bucks we can get GB’s of internet data with free voice calling and this is only possible with the introduction of revolutionary ideas in the market.You can also download Megabox HD Apk version 1.0.2 from the internet.

download megabox hd for android

Specification Of Megabox HD App :

  • Megabox HD Apk is free to use as you don’t have to pay for it.You can install Megabox HD Apk easily.
  • All the content that you get in Megabox HD App is of High      Definition.
  • Megabox HD hold the good collection of Movies and TV shows .
  • Megabox HD also doesn’t charge for the premium or latest content whether it is a TV show or a movie.
  • It allow you to have a good viewing experience, Megabox HD serves only best quality episodes and movies
  • Megabox HD is supported on both Android platforms and iOS platforms
  • Megabox HD App also comes with cast feature by which you can stream the videos on your TV directly all you need is a smart or Android TV and then you can enjoy your favorite TV shows on your TV.
  • Last but not the least Megabox HD App comes with no ad features

How To Download Megabox Hd On Android:

Complete Steps To Install Megabox HD App On Android


  1. First of all Download Megabox HD for android phone from internet as you can’t find it on google play store .
  2. IF you have downloaded the app on your PC or laptop then copy the apk  file from your laptop to your smartphone.
  3. Now go to your phone and navigate to settings > security > allow unknown sources > check this box as this will allow the installation of megabox HD on your phone .
  4. Now with the help of a file manager, locate the APK file that you’re just copied or downloaded from your laptop.
  5. Just tap on the APK file and finish installation following the installation guide.
  6. Once the APP is installed you can enjoy it and can access the unlimited world of TV shows and Movies on your hand.

The app is Available for both Android and iOS platform, however, Megabox HD Apk for PC is also available but for that you need a third party app. you can download the Megabox HD without any problem as it is free for all the users around the users all you have to do is just download this super app and you will be in the world of movies .

The point to be noted is that Megabox HD is not available on google play store as it has been removed from there but still you can find it on various websites on the internet and can have fun using it.

Wrapping up :

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How To Use Tinder Without Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social networking websites of today’s world as billions of users around the world uses it for their day to day life.The popularity of Facebook has increased so drastically that even all the leading apps require Facebook for signup and Tinder is one of them Well there seems to be a lot of argument between many users that how to use tinder app without Facebook and the answers are still questioning. So let’s get started.

In today’s post, we will discuss this case and will tell you how can you use tinder without a Facebook account.Tinder is a dating app  and is been trending nowadays It uses location based services to find people in your nearby areas, whom you might be interested in and can chat with new friends in which you are interested .

Why Tinder Ask For Facebook :  Why is Tinder Linked To Facebook ?

Many websites and apps don’t have their sign-up so instead of having sign-up option they use Facebook sign-up and the user get logged in . But the question arises why Facebook? here is the answer : Facebook is free and best medium for communication that why Tinder use Facebook.Many other reasons  are listed below

  • You won’t have to upload new photos to tender as you already have many photos uploaded to Facebook so in order to avoid this step tinder ask for Facebook signup.
  • The most important reason is that many users in Tinder app create fake account so in order to prevent fake account in Tinder, Facebook signup is required as it is the best method to check the account is real or not.
  • Tinder will have  all the basic information about the users from their Facebook account to prevent abuse and which will help Tinder
  • Users can save time as they don’t have to fill a long signup form, only that have to tap on the button which says ” login with Facebook “

Is Tinder Possible Without Facebook ?

Well honestly speaking there is not any method or way by which you can use Tinder app without Facebook login, but there are few methods by which you can minimize the privacy invasion or you can keep aside yourself from real Facebook identity.Here we have given two methods below by which you can limit the access of Facebook

Improve in the Facebook account privacy :

  1. First of all you have to login to your account . There click the press the lock icon appearing at the top right.
  2. As you press the lock icon a dialogue  box  will appear having many options.
  3. All you have to do is click the “see more settings” at the bottom of the list. Then, tap on “APPS”. You’ll see a number of linked apps with Facebook account .
  4. After that, tap on the Tinder app and change the App visibility to “only me”. By doing so, Tinder app would not be able to post on your behalf.
  5. Your friends could also not see that you are using Tinder.
  6. That’s all ,done ,you have limited access of Facebook to the Tinder account.

Create a new Facebook account same as previous one (a clone account )

You can also create a new Facebook account just like same the older one, in other words, we can say that just like a clone account.All you have to do is create a new clone account and setup all the things after that just use as for Tinder signup, don’t send any friend request or accept in the new Facebook account as it is for only signup with tinder app .This will help you in answering the question of how to use tinder without Facebook friends knowing.

Why Tinder Should Not Be Linked With Facebook Account 2017 ?

  • Online privacy – All your dating history is saved in Tinder and it is connected to Facebook if Tinder gets hacked all the private chats will be public .
  • Automatic Syncing of Photos –  As you link your Facebook account with Tinder your public images  on Facebook get automatically synchronized with Tinder app .
  • Accessing your contacts : Tinder access  all your contacts in your friend list to find a potential match for you which we think that anybody of us will want .


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Ball Invasion for iPad 2


Ball Invasion for iPad 2

Ball Invasion is the first (and only) iPad application to use the NASA-invented Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology to build real-time 3D maps of the environment as you move the iPad’s camera around. This was made possible with the dual core A5 CPU introduced in iPad2.

The objective of Ball Invasion is to shoot malicious and cunning balls hiding in the real world, visible only through your iPad2′s camera. Unlike other Augmented Reality games, Ball Invasion doesn’t require printed or known markers, but instead tracks the environment around you. For more apps apk visit 13thlab.




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Our primary development website is over at http://pointcloud.io/. The PointCloud site contains all information needed to create web applications for PointCloud™ Browser that utilize SLAM and Image Recognition, as well as information on how to create stand-alone iOS apps by using PointCloud™ SDK.

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Best Apps To Download Free Music For Your Android Phone


Love for music is not a tendency of human-beings only, It is a common characteristic of nearly all living creature on this earth and in today’s world We can’t resist our-self from listening music as music is loved by all of us in-fact we all are music lover aren’t we ?Have you ever wonder about the power of music . Music has unlimited powers, also it help us to relax .In today’s post we will share the list of top free music apps for android phone by which you can download your favorite music for free and can enjoy it anytime anywhere, so lets get started .

MUST READ – Download Megabox HD Apk For Android

Free Music Download App For Android

Listening Music is the hobby for all of us and if the music is free of cost and you don’t have to pay for downloading your favorite songs then it becomes a boon or a gift .There are many cool android apps available in Play store for downloading music for your smartphone but Here we will provide you the top best complete list by which you can have the best free music apps for downloading songs .

Top 10 Free Music Apps For Android

  • GOOGLE  PLAY MUSIC –  Well google play music is one of the best app for downloading songs .Google Play Music has  a huge collection of songs more than 70,000 songs are there in its database.Google play music is free to download and use .As it is crested by google so can have faith on this app .With this cool Android app you can easily play the local music or stream online music as you want to do.

  • WYNK MUSIC  – Wynk music is most used android app and in India and if have Airtel connection then you get a free 6 month free subscription and after that you have to pay 99 Rs (~1.5$) per month to enable the unlimited music download and streaming on your device but still it is best place to find Hindi and regional music. The app is free to download .

  • MUSIC PARADISE PRO – This app is one of the free best free app for downloading music . However you will find the interface too old but it is quite good for music lover .It searches for the music you entered in all the search engines and creates a list for you to download .
  • HUNGAMA MUSIC – Hungama music app is one of the leading  music app to play and download music for free on your Android phone. This app has got huge database of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional songs. This app is free to download and use However  if you want to use full features then you have to go with premium paid version .
  • 4 SHARED –  WELL this is also the  best  app for best app for playing music online .However the app has been removed from the play store but still yo can have it from internet for free.Some cool features have been added in the latest update.
  • GAANA – GAANA IS the best free music download apps for android of Hindi music as it offers you a wide range of Hindi music for free .The only drawback of this app is that if you want any English song then you have to switch to another app as it does not offer you any English songs , but still you can enjoy Hindi music .

  • MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD – MP3 music download is also best place for downloading music .This app is very simple to use, and the music is free to download as well so you can have music of your choice on your smartphone.The best part of this app is that this app is available in various languages.
  • FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD –  Free MP3 DOWNLOAD is best place search music for .It provides a link to that song when you search for that song. so basically it is a intermediate to your favorite song .You can search for FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD for your android phone .

  • SuperCloud Music Downloader – It is a good music downloader app in which You can search for the music by name, genre or artist involved and you will get the results in no time . The app is free to use however  it is not available in the Play Store but you can  download the APK file from the internet
  • ANGAMI – Angami is also a cool app for streaming and downloading music for free .Basically Angami is based on the Arabic class, it primarily offers you the Arabic songs, but you’ll also find other as well but in limited access . The is widely used in middle east countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia .It is the best Arabian mp3 downloader for android .

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How Much Does Netflix Cost For a Month ?


Well , you all must be aware of the term NETFLIX and if no then don”t worry we will tell you all about it .Netflix is a paid media streaming service which you can watch on almost every device .Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997.According to  the the reports Netflix have  over 90 million subscribers worldwide, including more than 52 million in the United States.In today’s post we will describe the Netflix in detail and will also tell you how much Netflix cost a month . so without making you bored lets get started .


Netflix is a paid media streaming service or by elaborating it we can say that Netflix is a streaming service that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices.In simple definition Netflix can also be defined as a paid media streaming service which offers us to watch movies and TV shows on almost every platform .Netflix is also trending nowadays as billions of users are connected to it world wide.

How much does Netflix Cost for a month ? Netflix subscription plans  :

Well Netflix comes with three different subscription plan for its users .All the three plans have different features :

Cost Of Netflix Subscription for a month :

  • Basic PlanThe first plan that Netflix offers is basic plan , it is the cheapest of all the Netflix plan. This plan has some limitations like No HD playback is available However, you can use this basic plan only on 1 screen at same time .You can have this basic plan subscription for $7.99 per month .
  • Standard Plan – The second plan that Netflix gives you is standard plan. It is the most used subscription pack around the world as it is affordable and comes with good features like HD playback and also you can watch movies and you favorite TV shows on 2 screens at the same time.Standard plans subscription cost you $11.99 per month.
  • Premium Plan – The last and best plan of Netflix is premium plan .As you can see the name itself denotes premium thus it is the best plan which offers you Ultra HD playback of movies and TV shows in addition you can watch  on 4 screens at the same time with a single Netflix premium account on its website or in the app .You will have to pay  $11.99 per month for Netflix premium plan as it is lil expensive but the best of all the three .

Features of Netflix :

Netflix comes with different features , first of all Netflix is AD free as all the movies, TV shows you can watch without any AD.Netflix all the three plans are advertisements free.Secondly You can enjoy Netflix anytime anywhere as Netflix is supported by almost every device.You can have Netflix experience on the go, all you need is a good internet connection.Netflix comes with a huge collection of movies and TV shows you can also  search for the favorite  TV shows from there and can watch without any trouble.

 Netflix has three subscription plans for a month which starts from  $7.99 per month – $11.99 per month . Netflix is free and you can download it from Play store or App store for free 


So guys this was all about cost of Netflix subscription in India , uk i hope that now you can have the subscription plan o your Netflix and can enjoy hassle free entertainment . If you people found this article helpful then share this on social media , also you can subscribe to our newsletter for tech updates . Any query related to this post will be solved as soon soon as possible .Your feedback and comment motivates us to write better for you .

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